Tuesday, May 29, 2012

joe g, stone cold stupid

From his blog:

TUESDAY, MAY 29, 2012
Evolutionism- Evolution is Directed by the Surviving Reproducers
EvoTARDs love to spew that opponents of the theory erect a strawman when we say that the theory posits accumulations of random genetic events. EvoTARDs (wrongly) claim that together with the random genetic events there is the directing/ guiding factor of natural selection.

When it is pointed out that natural selection is a result and whatever is good enough is that result, the conversation basically ends.

The point being that whatever survives to reproduce is the result and therefor constitutes this mysterious "directing/ guiding" element of evolutionism.

So according to evoTARD "logic" the "direction" of evolution is "whatever it is/ whatever it happens to be". Pure genius.........
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When or if the "conversation ends" it's because you and the rest of the IDiots don't listen and DON'T GET IT. You have been told many, many, many times about how natural selection works but you are just way too stupid to understand.

If I feel like it I'll come back later and try to explain it to you one more time.