Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hey Seversky

Yes, I will be posting more proof of gordo's LIES but I've been busy with more important things and the longer I wait the more gordo's LIES will pile up.

In the meantime, at UD Seversky barfed up this mess:

"You point, as an example, to the behavior of one commenter that you felt to be threatening to both you and your family. That was an inexcusable crossing of the line and was roundly condemned as such as it most certainly should have been.

But you are far from being the only victim:"

Seversky (and gordon elliott mullings of Manjack, Montserrat, aka kairosfocus, GEM of TKI, Dictionary) are talking about me (the "one commenter"). As I've stated many  times, I have NEVER threatened gordo and/or his family, and gordo has NEVER provided ANY evidence that I have done so (because there isn't any evidence). Seversky is showing his stupidity, gullibility, and that he is a two-faced, falsely accusatory piece of shit.

gordo is a "victim"??? Hey Seversky, a "victim" of what, exactly? gordo "felt" "one commenter" (that's referring to me of course) "to be threatening to both [him] and [his] family"??? Are you really that fucking gullible, Seversky? Just because gordo the LYING crybaby whines about being threatened, you actually believe him??? Since you obviously ARE that gullible you might as well become a full fledged IDiot-creationist just like gordo. You're THAT fucked up.

I'm surprised and disappointed that some people who act as though they are scientifically minded are so easily fooled by chronic LIARS like gordon elliott mullings. I would think that people who claim to be persuaded only by strong evidence would expect and demand that gordo provide strong evidence of the alleged threats by me and/or anyone else. Seversky and anyone else who believes anything that gordo spews is a brain-dead moron. 

Seversky's rancid drool is in this thread (comment 28):

Sunday, May 17, 2015

The lies, hypocrisy, false accusations, etc., by gordon elliott mullings (kairosfocus, Gem of TKI, Dictionary) of Manjack, Montserrat

I will be posting more evidence of gordo's lies and false accusations that pertain to HIS public revelation of information about his family members but in the meantime I want to show you something else. As some of you know, gordo has posted many thousands of words on his blogs, UD (, and elsewhere in his raging dishonest complaints and false accusations about him and his fellow IDiot-creationists being silenced, censored, blocked, expelled, falsely accused, etc., even though gordo and most other IDiot-creationists won't even try to post comments anywhere but in their sanctuarial echo-chambers, such as UD, ENV, and in gordo's case, his blogs, his yahoo group, and UD.

gordo has also pompously claimed MANY times that he has "the right of fair reply", "the right of fair comment", and other similarly worded pronouncements.

gordo used to post comments at the Barbados Underground blog (with the username Dictionary) but he had to face some opposition there and gordo is way too tyrannical and cowardly to tolerate opposition and the "right of fair reply" by others to his bloviating, lying, falsely accusatory, insane, sermonical diatribes.

Copy and paste the link below into your browser and scroll down to the last two comments on that page. The first of those two comments is by by "Zoe" and Zoe quotes much of what gordo puked up at one of his blogs (there's a link to it at the bottom of Zoe's comment). The second of those comments is by "David", the barbados underground blog owner and moderator. Notice that he doesn't believe gordo's lying bullshit about "A few days ago, I chanced across the way some skeptical commenters and contributors at a Caribbean Blog, Barbados Underground...". Also go to the next page (click on Newer Comments) and scroll down to the first comment by David and read a few more comments past that one.

gordo didn't "chanced across" anything. He had posted lots of comments on that blog for years and obviously watched it like a hawk. Be sure to notice what David said about gordo trying to get that blog shutdown.

I have never found that David ever gave gordo a hard time, even though he would have every right to do so since it's David's blog. The only 'crime' that David committed was letting people exercise free speech on his blog, which in some cases included people disagreeing with gordo. David is one of the most tolerant moderators I've ever come across. gordo, on the other hand, is a maniacal, psychopathic, theocratic, autocratic, malignantly narcissistic, two-faced, thoroughly dishonest butt chunk.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Another death threat from joey gallien

"It's a good thing you will never meet me Richie or else I would end your existence and not even think about it. That is not a threat, it's a warning and a promise."

From here:

No, joey, that's a threat, just like your other threats. gordon mullings of Manjack, Montserrat must be proud to call you his friend and fellow IDiot-creationist traveler. barry arrington and all of  the other IDiot-creationists must be proud of you too since they continue to enable and encourage you at UD. You're all rotten peas in the same rotten pod.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

For Wesley Elsberry, Acartia_Bogart, Occam's Aftershave, socle, Richardthughes, Kantian Naturalist, etc.

As you guys know, I posted this at AtBC:

"In case anyone is wondering, "support rehabilitation of former criminals in the business place of remote relatives" is gordo speak for hanging out with his "friends who are former murderers" at the Bitter End Beach Bar in Montserrat, which is owned and operated by his brother-in-law Wilford 'Moose' Meade (hardly a "remote" relative)."

Which Wesley Elsberry changed to this:

"In case anyone is wondering, "support rehabilitation of former criminals in the business place of remote relatives" is gordo speak for hanging out with his "friends who are former murderers" at the Bitter End Beach Bar in Montserrat, which is owned and operated by his brother-in-law [personal name removed -- WRE] (hardly a "remote" relative)."

In another comment Wesley said this:

"[Moderator hat on]
Gordon E. Mullings, alias "KairosFocus", alias "GEM of TKI", is some form of public figure. His relatives are not. This is a legitimate distinction that no amount of tu quoque changes.

Link to Gordon's hypocritical lapses into publishing personally identifying information all you like, but leave off the non-public figure identification.
[Moderator hat off]"

The rest of the comments, including the ones accusing me of "stalking", "paranoia", "and calling me a "creepy stalker", etc., can be seen starting on this page:;act=ST;f=14;t=7640;st=3270

When I posted this:

"Absolutely everything that I have revealed about gordon mullings and/or his family, relatives, associates, or whatever IS PUBLIC. It is ALL on the internet where ANYONE with internet access can see it. There is nothing 'private' about it."

Wesley Elsberry responded with this:

"[Moderation hat on.]

The discussion is at an end. Consult the rules. You can communicate with me via PM, email, or carrier pigeon -- but not in this thread. Continuing on the topic of moderation here will lose you your posting access. This is the third rail of AtBC. Play with it at your peril. Clear?

[Moderation hat off.]"

Now, let's take a look at how public or private gordo's brother-in-law Wilford 'Moose' Meade is:

kairosfocusJune 1, 2011 at 8:16 am

Well, we won’t be bending an elbow down by my Bro in law Moose’s The Bitter End. My preference is for Ting, BTW, or D & G Ginger Beer. Gotta support the native country! (My wife is the Montserratian in the family. We met in Barbados, which is where my family was based for 20+ years. Parents are back in St Elizabeth, Ja now.)"

Notice that it was PUBLICLY posted by gordon mullings (kairosfocus) HIMSELF at UD.

In this thread:

Notice that HE also PUBLICLY revealed other information about his family.

gordo made his brother-in-law a "public figure" and there's much more public information, that anyone can easily find on the internet, in regard to Wilford 'Moose' Meade being a "public figure" in more ways than one:

Wilford "Moose" MEADE
Address: Little Bay
Occupation: Businessman

Meade, Wilford "Moose"
Little Bay

On page 2 here:

Election watch

(See number 12)

Montserrat elections

(See number 29)

Wilford "Moose" Meade Confirms Intentions to Contest Montserrat Elections 2014

(with a photo of him)

29. Meade wilford 001 Wilford Meade Independent 68

(with photo of him)

Wilford Meade

And there are these:

"Before his success in Mustique, Mr. Charles lived on Montserrat for one year in 1970. He worked at Mickey’s Garage as a mechanic, along with Wilford ‘Moose’ Meade. He was then employed for a short while with Wang Morson."

"The privately owned property of Wilford “Moose” Meade has been redeveloped..."

Meade Wilford

Bitter End Beach Bar

Seafood and snacks on the beach, lunch from US$5.50-9.50, dinner from US$7.50. Moose always seems to be open. Look out for his lobster special nights. Occasionally presents live bands from Antigua and the wider Caribbean.

Bitter End Beach Bar, Montserrat

roymcd001 from empty

Last updated at 11:35 13 April 2005
Where else in the world can you sit looking out to sea and when you want another drink you can serve yourself?

The owner, Moose, runs a relaxed beach bar that's fun.

With friendly locals who are happy to pass the time; and at the end of the night you just pay your bill and drive off into the warm Caribbean night.

Returning to stay at a local B& B where you can sit on a veranda sipping a rum before you face another day in Montserrat.

Bitter End Beach Bar
Little Bay, Little Bay, Montserrat
+1 664 491 3146
Neighborhood: Little Bay

Bitter End Beach Bar is listed on page 49 in brochure here:

Bitter End Beach Bar Caribbean
Informal Dining by the Sea

Little Bay,
+1 664 491 3146

Bitter End Beach Bar, Little Bay
Tel: (664)491-3146

Bitter End Beach Bar
Little Bay, Little Bay, Montserrat
Tel: +1 664 491 3146

There's even this:

And there's more. And it's ALL PUBLIC.

It is not "stalking" to look up or mention someone or something that gordo HIMSELF brought up, especially since the reason I mentioned 'Moose' and his bar was to explain who gordo was talking about (his so-called "remote" relative) in his FALSE accusations against me.

On another note: If anyone else wants to see one of the places where gordo (kairosfocus) has said that he has "friends who are former murderers", look at comment number 53 in this thread:

Sunday, May 3, 2015

An introduction to biblical nonsense

Don't miss this chapter:

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Some comments at UD are gone and others don't match their original numbers

If any of you read my old posts you'll notice that in some of them the comment numbers at UD that I pointed out at the time don't always match the current number, and that's because UD has changed its numbering scheme and because they have deleted many comments, which altered the numbered order of the comments that are still there or removed the comment that I pointed out. I hope that makes sense. 

Wednesday, December 24, 2014