Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What would happen if...

...william lane craig, the pope, Davis Attenborough, and Richard Dawkins were put on a remote, oceanic island under these circumstances:

1. They have no clothes, tools, matches, phones, clocks, or anything else man-made.

2. They have no previous knowledge of the island.

3. There are no other humans on the island.

4. There is just enough shelter, materials to make crude tools, food (animals and plants) on or around the island, and fresh water on the island to survive if someone can find, understand, and properly (scientifically) use the available natural resources.

5. They're put there knowing that no one will check on them for at least 6 months.

Who would be the most fearful? Who would be quickly pleading for help from one or more of the others? Who would get busy on figuring out how to survive? Would religious beliefs and prayer be helpful to survival? Who would be a burden? Who would most likely survive? Who would you turn to for help if you were also stranded on that island?

Now, picture a similar scenario but this time the pope and craig are put on an island and Attenborough and Dawkins are put on a different, but virtually identical island. In other words, neither pair can ask for or get help from the other. Who would most likely survive? And which pair would you rather be stranded with, especially if you don't know much or anything about nature and science? Which pair would you trust with your life?