Friday, July 19, 2013

Have you noticed that...

...abrahamic-god pushers put limits on their allegedly 'omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, omnibenevolent, infinite, perfect' designer-creator-god? They often say that their so-called god can do absolutely anything but then turn around and say things like:

god created only this one universe

god created life, and especially intelligent life, only on this one planet

god didn't and can't create bad or evil things

god can't fix everything that goes wrong or that is bad or evil

god can't get rid of satan

god is perfect but designs and creates imperfect things

god had to "rest" after creating this universe

god can't die

god had to send jesus to try to fix things

god had to flood the entire Earth and kill everything "He" designed-created on Earth except what fit into a wooden boat, and start over again

before recent times, god didn't or couldn't get his 'message' to the people of the Earth who lived somewhere other than certain parts of the middle east


Can you think of any other limits that god zombies have put on their allegedly all powerful, all knowledgeable, present everywhere, benevolent everywhere and always, infinite, perfect designer-creator-god?

I would think that god pushers would be the first to claim that their so-called god could, would, and did design and create an infinite number of universes, and infinite number of life forms, an infinite number of human-occupied planets, etc.

Since 'God' is alleged to be infinite, perfect, etc., why are god pushers so anxious to put limits on "Him"?

And what's with the "He" and "Him" crap? Does 'God' have a penis?