Sunday, May 17, 2015

The lies, hypocrisy, false accusations, etc., by gordon elliott mullings (kairosfocus, Gem of TKI, Dictionary) of Manjack, Montserrat

I will be posting more evidence of gordo's lies and false accusations that pertain to HIS public revelation of information about his family members but in the meantime I want to show you something else. As some of you know, gordo has posted many thousands of words on his blogs, UD (, and elsewhere in his raging dishonest complaints and false accusations about him and his fellow IDiot-creationists being silenced, censored, blocked, expelled, falsely accused, etc., even though gordo and most other IDiot-creationists won't even try to post comments anywhere but in their sanctuarial echo-chambers, such as UD, ENV, and in gordo's case, his blogs, his yahoo group, and UD.

gordo has also pompously claimed MANY times that he has "the right of fair reply", "the right of fair comment", and other similarly worded pronouncements.

gordo used to post comments at the Barbados Underground blog (with the username Dictionary) but he had to face some opposition there and gordo is way too tyrannical and cowardly to tolerate opposition and the "right of fair reply" by others to his bloviating, lying, falsely accusatory, insane, sermonical diatribes.

Copy and paste the link below into your browser and scroll down to the last two comments on that page. The first of those two comments is by by "Zoe" and Zoe quotes much of what gordo puked up at one of his blogs (there's a link to it at the bottom of Zoe's comment). The second of those comments is by "David", the barbados underground blog owner and moderator. Notice that he doesn't believe gordo's lying bullshit about "A few days ago, I chanced across the way some skeptical commenters and contributors at a Caribbean Blog, Barbados Underground...". Also go to the next page (click on Newer Comments) and scroll down to the first comment by David and read a few more comments past that one.

gordo didn't "chanced across" anything. He had posted lots of comments on that blog for years and obviously watched it like a hawk. Be sure to notice what David said about gordo trying to get that blog shutdown.

I have never found that David ever gave gordo a hard time, even though he would have every right to do so since it's David's blog. The only 'crime' that David committed was letting people exercise free speech on his blog, which in some cases included people disagreeing with gordo. David is one of the most tolerant moderators I've ever come across. gordo, on the other hand, is a maniacal, psychopathic, theocratic, autocratic, malignantly narcissistic, two-faced, thoroughly dishonest butt chunk.