Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hey Seversky

Yes, I will be posting more proof of gordo's LIES but I've been busy with more important things and the longer I wait the more gordo's LIES will pile up.

In the meantime, at UD Seversky barfed up this mess:

"You point, as an example, to the behavior of one commenter that you felt to be threatening to both you and your family. That was an inexcusable crossing of the line and was roundly condemned as such as it most certainly should have been.

But you are far from being the only victim:"

Seversky (and gordon elliott mullings of Manjack, Montserrat, aka kairosfocus, GEM of TKI, Dictionary) are talking about me (the "one commenter"). As I've stated many  times, I have NEVER threatened gordo and/or his family, and gordo has NEVER provided ANY evidence that I have done so (because there isn't any evidence). Seversky is showing his stupidity, gullibility, and that he is a two-faced, falsely accusatory piece of shit.

gordo is a "victim"??? Hey Seversky, a "victim" of what, exactly? gordo "felt" "one commenter" (that's referring to me of course) "to be threatening to both [him] and [his] family"??? Are you really that fucking gullible, Seversky? Just because gordo the LYING crybaby whines about being threatened, you actually believe him??? Since you obviously ARE that gullible you might as well become a full fledged IDiot-creationist just like gordo. You're THAT fucked up.

I'm surprised and disappointed that some people who act as though they are scientifically minded are so easily fooled by chronic LIARS like gordon elliott mullings. I would think that people who claim to be persuaded only by strong evidence would expect and demand that gordo provide strong evidence of the alleged threats by me and/or anyone else. Seversky and anyone else who believes anything that gordo spews is a brain-dead moron. 

Seversky's rancid drool is in this thread (comment 28):