Friday, May 27, 2011

Atheists, atheist science, evolutionists, and Darwinism......

....are the root of all evil if you listen to what is said by the bible thumping IDiots on UD. And isn't it interesting that those good christians complain about evolutionists and Darwinists and atheists being "uncivil" while they constantly bash and insult evolutionists and Darwinists and atheists?

What say ye about this blatant hypocrisy? And what say ye about the 'civility' of the constant insults aimed at atheists, Darwinists, and evolutionists by ID pushers on UD?

Just a small set of examples from UD (there is much, much more there):

News: "Darwinism is about fiction – publicly funded, court-ordered fiction"

bornagain77: “Atheists may do science, but they cannot justify what they do. When they assume the world is rational, approachable, and understandable, they plagiarize Judeo-Christian presuppositions about the nature of reality and the moral need to seek the truth.”

o'leary: "No, wait, this is the confused, illusory world of the Darwinist. It doesn’t have to make sense."

o'leary: "Come to think of it, Satan doesn’t like us either, for some reason."

o'leary: "Well one thing that certainly demonstrates, Cannuckian (hey, salut!!), is that many Darwinists are underemployed. Could that be because Darwinism is a useless obstruction to science, but the Darwinists themselves are entitled to be on one public payroll or another?"

bornagain77: "on atheism, humans have no control over the actions they take, and cannot make moral choices, or be morally responsible"

bornagain77: "only theists have a foundation for objective moral values and duties"

junkdnaforlife: "the glory days of atheism are long gone. gone are the days of the eternal universe and the jello cell glob. now time has a beginning and the cell is digital code. All they have left is neo-darwinsim. what is left of the glory days when atheism was the cool high school quarterback is the residual media mess. Instead, atheism is now the shirtless fan watching the game in the stands covered in paint making a lot of noise."

Ilion: "Of course, Darwinism is profoundly irrational — as are most of the silly “possible worlds” you posited (and so one muct use the quote marks around “rational”)."

nullasalus: "...I’d question the suggestion that atheist first principles are all that reasonable, even ones which allow for evolution."

nullasalus: "Then again, what doesn’t enrage the cult of gnu."

bornagain77: "I would like to point out that evolutionists have severely distorted this particular line of evidence to fit their preconceived bias"

bornagain77: "why are we continually sold a bill of goods as to the actually evidence by neo-darwinists???"

bornagain77: "I’m just left wondering exactly where evolutionists should place the kangaroos on their cartoon drawings that show man evolving from apes."

bornagain77: "Since evolutionists continually misrepresent the true state of the evidence for molecular sequences..."

bornagain77: "DrREC you say you aren’t a neo-Darwinists yet you defend every precept they preach with as much, or more, vigor than many of them do. So what should I believe??? your actions or your empty words???"

bornagain77: "DrREC, You tell more shallow falsehoods in defense of the other points, so I’ll go on to another point that is worth making"

bornagain77: "as well as this testifies against the neo-Darwinists"

bornagain77: "etc.. etc.. etc.. continued falsification of all claims is just the way life is for neo-Darwinists, but don’t worry they will be back tomorrow forgetting everything they have been corrected on. The circus never ends!"

bornagain77: "not that I don’t appreciate such blind faith in the almighty power of Darwinism"

bornagain77: "when you remove the neo-Darwinian just so story for how new human proteins may have evolved, and look at the cold hard facts of science itself, finding a ‘new human protein’ is anything but the easy as pie story that neo-Darwinists portray it to be!!!"

bornagain77: "Here is another question that will go unanswered by neo-Darinism..."

bornagain77: "You know what is crazy DrREC is that you act like you got any foundation at all to stand on in science. Whereas you, in reality, have nothing but circular rhetoric to deceive yourself with!! If you want to impress me, and rise above the contempt I have for your ‘snake oil’ salesman type of science. I suggest you change a bacteria into another species of bacteria by neo-Darwinian processes!!!"

bornagain77: "FALSE!!! This is ‘just so’ asserted but is not demonstrated!"

bornagain77: "So DrREC, does appealing to the unmatched levels of epigenetic information, in the genome, ‘calculating’ a ‘new’ protein/gene product in response to environmental stress constitute proof for that purely material processes of neo-Darwinism created the new gene and/or protein??? If you do accept this pathetic level of ‘proof’ it is clear that your religion of Darwinism is driving your science, But it was never about the science in the first place was it???"

bornagain77: "Science Owes Nothing To Darwinian Evolution – Jonathan Wells – video.."

bornagain77: "Failed Predictions of Evolutionists – Cornelius Hunter – audio.."

bornagain77: "Or better yet DrREC, if you want to actually ‘prove’ that neo-Darwinism actually has a proper place at the table of modern science, then simply falsify Alain Aspects falsification of local realism (materialism) so that you may be able to explain the quantum entanglement found in DNA and proteins by materialistic (neo-Darwinian) means!!! Until then, everything you do is mere ‘rationalization’ parading as science!! 2 Peter 1:16
‘For we have not followed cunningly devised fables,’"

bornagain77: "Something tells me that even this extremely simple test is too much for you, and your horde, and that you will simply ignore this crucial test that you must pass to stay scientifically legitimate, simply because it does not fit your ‘religion’ of neo-Darwinian evolution"

bornagain77: "But of course this will matter not one iota to you DrREC because??? because??? well because by-golly fudging genetic similarity is the only thing you got that can make it seem to the unsuspecting public that you got evidence for neo-Darwinian evolution!!!"

bornagain77: "Only if you take neo-Darwinian presupposition as true!!!. Remember you are the one who said I can look at the sequences myself. And when the sequences are looked at with ‘non-Darwinian’ glasses, your whole argument falls apart!!! But how did I know that any interpretation except a neo-Darwinian interpretation would not be accepted by you!!!"

bornagain77: "So??? Do you want to argue theology or science? At the base of your argument you are presupposing that you can design a organism better than God! i.e. God would not have done that way, therefore materialistic neo-Darwinism must be true! How very humble of you. NOT! ellazimm once again I remind you that you are using your theology to try to prove your scientific presupposition, instead of using science to try to prove your theological presupposition!!! This is completely backwards! You are completely blind to the fact that you cannot even show me one functional protein that was arrived at by purely materialistic processes!!! Nor can you using all you intelligence, or unguided materialistic processes in particular, even come close to generating the unmatched levels of programming we find in genomes!! Thus, Why don’t you address your science on its merits instead of using theologically based arguments to try to prove your point? Like I said, do you want to argue science or Theology???"

bornagain77: "Psalm 139: 14-15
“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;,,, When I was woven together in the depths of the earth, your eyes saw my unformed body.”

bornagain77: "..the only way that neo-Darwinists have been able to hood-wink the general public...."

bornagain77: "Indium, but of coarse I have no bearing for you because it is not a answer you want to hear, but regardless of the answer you want, let’s take a closer look and see that it gets worse for you."

bornagain77: "My exact point is that neo-Darwinists are EXTREMELY biased as to exactly which parts of the genome they will consider and which points they won’t.,,, Not an answer you want is it??? :) TOO BAD!!!"

bornagain77: "DrREC, (using the Fit DAMN YOU FIT!!! method of science),,, but of coarse, what else should I expect from a man who fully endorses this following study..."

bornagain77: "DrREC, (with sledge hammer, using the Fit, DAMN YOU, FIT!!! method of science to arrive at his desired conclusion),,, but of coarse DrREC, what else should I expect from a man who fully endorses the extreme bias of this following study...."

bornagain77: "Why DrREC, I am very certain the only one being very creative with there interpretation is YOU!!! No matter what the evidence says you will disregard anything that falsifies neo-Darwinism and exagerate anything that can be twisted to your neo-Darwinian bias. You could care less to establish a rigorous foundation to see what is actually true, for the conclusion is far to important to you to be left to the evidence to decide!!"

bornagain77: "you presuppose the human genome is just a cobbled together piece of junk don’t you??? put together by a trial a error process don’t you? Whereas I think God originally created the Human genome! Let’s look at a few points of trivia, and see whose view more accurately reflects reality?!?"

bornagain77: "DrREC, whose presupposition is supported by the evidence and whose is not?"

bornagain77: "DrREC,,, grits teeth, ignores all evidence of stunning craftsmanship, and with pure atheistic indignation says with scoffing defiant tone,,, TIS JUNK I TELL YA, JUNK, JUNK, JUNK!!!"

bornagain77: "Romans 1:20-23
For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse. For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened. Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images made to look like a mortal human being and birds and animals and reptiles."

bornagain77: "DrREC, what a laugh, you don’t even have a foundation in science to begin to make your neo-Darwinian conjectures with, and completely ignore that SCIENTIFIC fact, and then pretend as if you are being reasonable when you make completely unfounded conjectures as to what you want the percentage to be. And then you, having failed to have me fall for your ruse of creative accounting, have the audacity to label me as being unscientific for not accepting your atheistic games???"

bornagain77: "DrREC, in case you sneeze, God Bless you! Dane Cook – Sneezing Atheist – video..."

bornagain77: "It is completely biased for neo-Darwinists to be allowed to only keep that which matches their preconceived bias!!! For a man who has such a high opinion of his own intelligence, you sure seem to have a hard time with such a simple point!!!"

bornagain77: "Moreover DrREC, why don’t you face the following crushing evidence straight on instead of just ignoring it because it does not fit your neo-Darwinian worldview???"

bornagain77: "So DrREC to make it real clear how pointless your argument is,,, let’s rephrase it a bit to reflect where you are actually at as far as a solid foundation in science is concerned,,,, let’s make it real simple! :) ,,, we got a string of 1000, only 20 match, ,,, what does that make the price of tea in China???"

bornagain77: "Perhaps if some neo-Darwinists were not so busy trying to cram the ‘junky’ genome into their preconceived conclusions, they would have thought of such a elegant way to analyze the genome??? Just a thought DrREC!"

o'leary: "Why are these awful people a model for anyone?
Okay, so the Darwinists never seem to want to leave the kids out of it. Indeed, they’ll use the law to force the kids into it. Does anyone out there care about their own kids and want to do anything about that?"