Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Free thinkers, etc.

gildo (gil dodgen) has posted another lame and misleading article on UD. In the title he asks, "Who are the Real Freethinkers, Darwinists or ID Folks?"

Notice that he's comparing "Darwinists" to ID Folks". You know, those evil, rotten, Hitler-esque, baby murdering DARWINISTS to the folksy, down home, god fearing, baby lovin' ID Folks. Why doesn't he put someone's name on the "ID Folks"?

Maybe it's time to label "ID Folks" as Dembski-ists, or Luskinists, or Hunterists, or Hamists, or whatever name is most appropriate. What name do you think would be the best fit?

On free thinking: I think it's obvious who the free thinkers are. Anyone who actually thinks freely of religion or any other belief 'in' or worship of a person or deity. For instance, I don't 'believe in' Darwin, or Dawkins, or Sagan, or Einstein, or Hawking, etc., and I certainly don't worship them or anyone else. I don't see science or the ToE as a religion and I don't pray to Darwin, nature, science, or anything else.

I listen to what lots of people say (don't we all?) but that doesn't mean I automatically believe everything they say or that I think of them as some sort of god that should be worshiped. I don't label myself with someone's name (e.g. Darwin-ist) and I think for myself. How about you?