Saturday, May 28, 2011

An explanation for readers here

I, like many other people, tried to post civil comments and questions on the website Uncommon Descent but was banned after a short time anyway. Over the years a lot of people have been banned from UD even though they were civil. When people are treated like that on a site that says it welcomes honest and open discussion/debate, it gets frustrating and irritating.

Of course the IDiots on UD blame it all on allegedly uncivil atheist evolutionists but what they don't seem to realize or won't accept is that by dishonestly banning people from their site, just for asking questions or for not displaying blind obedience to the religious ID party line, the only recourse those banned people have is to go elsewhere to say what they want to.

Sure, I and the other banned people could just ignore UD and forget all about the insufferable IDiots there but that would be running away, and running away just isn't in my nature. From what I've seen on other sites, it's also not in the nature of some other banned people.

Anyway, I created this blog to give the IDiots what they deserve. They figured they could silence me by banning me from UD but they are wrong. My comments here may seem over the top to some of you but I feel that I have good reasons for saying what I say in the way that I say it.

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read this.