Friday, May 27, 2011

denyse o'leary, one sick bitch

o'leary: "Why are these awful people a model for anyone?
Okay, so the Darwinists never seem to want to leave the kids out of it. Indeed, they’ll use the law to force the kids into it. Does anyone out there care about their own kids and want to do anything about that?"

But it's perfectly fine with you to subject kids to the mind-numbing brainwashing of religion and to force them into dangerous, life ruining situations like being raped by perverted catholic priests or other religious zealots? How many children, throughout time, have been brainwashed, tortured, enslaved, punished, bought and sold, oppressed, deprived, molested, abused, raped, killed, sacrificed, psychologically damaged, and had proper medical care withheld from them, in the name of religion? How many adults have gotten the same treatment in the name of religion? How many animals have been tortured, molested, killed, abused, and sacrificed in the name of religion? How many people have been robbed of their money and property and loved ones in the name of religion?

If you think that religion is a good model for kids or anyone else, you are a sadistic abusive psychopath, and even though you'd never admit it, you'd use the law in a heartbeat to force kids and adults into worshiping your sick religious beliefs and monstrous god. If there is a Hell, I hope you fry in it.