Thursday, May 26, 2011

gordy mullings, paranoid, self-righteous asshole

gordo and his sycophantic pack of paranoid losers on UD never cease to amaze me with their insane, malignant narcissism, and paranoia.

Below is a post by gordy (kairosfocus ) that demonstrates his hypocrisy and incurable delusions of godhood. He's an insufferable sphincter that spews false and asinine accusations in hopes of covering up his own inadequacy, corruption, and lies. chris doyle, cannuckianyankee, joseph, and others also show their true colors in that thread.

NONE of the threads on UD are honest or open, because UD blocks most posts from ID critics or questioners, and they don't block them because they are 'uncivil'. They block them because they want to make it look like few to no people question or critique ID and the erroneous claims made by the two-faced religious zealots on UD. (more on this later)

MathGrrl has made NO "pretty nasty snide allegations or insinuations" in that thread or anywhere else on UD. gordy and his ID pushing 'christian' buddies are the ones making the "pretty nasty snide allegations or insinuations". It's just another example of massive hypocrisy, lies, and false accusations from typical christians. 

Read the whole thread and the original MathGrrl thread on UD and you'll see what I mean. 

gordy's dishonest ad nauseum rhetorical talking point barf:

7:37 am

What I will say is that it is pretty clear that originally MG was part of a co-ordinated group with KL and another. What happened is that the latter two patently became too rowdy.
MG haws continued with a rhetorical strategy of ignoring substantial answers and corrections, and repeating her talking points ad nauseum. To a point where her behaviour is now unfortunately willfully insistent and deceptive. Not to mention, making some pretty nasty snide allegations or insinuations.
There is a very long list of points where she needs to answer seriously on the merits, or to explain herself.
unfortunately, she shows scant indication of doing so.
In absence of such, he needs to be regularly reminded of what she needs to do. You will see that I now have a standard challenge to her:
On CSI and its “rigour,” that has been addressed over and over again, in most specificity to the issue of rigour, at 34 – 5 above. Similarly, the talking points MG tends to use over and over as thought they have not been cogently answered, were last dissected in 23 – 24 above. And, the overall summing up of the issues MG has needed to explain herself on has been kept up in the editorial response to Graham at no 1 in the CSI newsflash thread; which MG has persistently ignored.
When it comes to ev, 137 above shows my links to the places in the CSI Newsflash thread where it is dissected by Mung. (One of MG’s tactics seems to be to wait until something is buried under enough posts in a thread, or has been continued in a successor thread, before repeating the assertion that was rebutted.)
She knows or should know better than she has acted.
I will consistently re-post this challenge until she begins to answer seriously on the merits. So that all who care about the truth and about serious warrant for claims, will be able to see the real balance on the merits.