Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Beyond comprehension

born-to-be-a-tard-again77 is so far off the deep end that it is really beyond comprehension. That UD allows him to spew his pompous insanity on their site and insultingly talk down to REAL scientists shows just how fucked up UD and the people who run it are.

Considering his GARGANTUAN lack of knowledge of science and reality and his insane belief in NON-evidential religious fairy tales, his post below is one of the most arrogant and asinine things I have ever seen.



8:19 pm

Elizabeth, once again you are ignoring the evidence. This is science Elizabeth, this is not stating what you ‘feel’ is right. If you disagree with the conclusion you have to present evidence not just disagree. Moreover you have to specifically counter the studies I cited with studies of equal or greater weight!!!. For you to fail to grasp this simple point of the scientific method shows me that you either don’t know how to properly weigh evidence, or that you are operating under a philosophical bias. There is no other option. You may protest this, but it really matters not to me for my eye is staying on the evidence first and foremost, not your feelings of being upset that i call you of unfair weighing of the evidence!


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