Thursday, May 26, 2011

Speaking of a religious agenda

From gordon mullings' blog, specifically from his page On the Scientific Inference to Design:

NOTICES: This briefing note was originally created by GEM of TKI, in March 2006, for use in briefing Christian leaders and others interested in the ongoing controversy on Intelligent Design and related concerns. [NB: Because of abuse of my given name in blog commentary threads, I have deleted my given name from this page, and invite serious and responsible interlocutors to use my email contact below to communicate with me.] This page has been subsequently revised and developed, to date; so far, to clean up the clarity and flow of the argument, which is admittedly a difficult one, and add to the substance especially as key references are discovered one by one such as the recent Shapiro article in Sci Am. Thanks are due to the ad hoc group of regular commenters at The Evangelical Outpost Blog over the period since April 2005, for many useful comments, on both sides of the question. (DISCLAIMER: While reasonable attempts have been made to provide accurate, fair and informative materials for use in training, no claim is made for absolute truth, and corrections based on factual errors and/or gaps or inconsistencies in reasoning, etc., or typos, are welcome.) FAIR USE: The contents of this note are in part intended for use as a support for learning about responding to the typical intellectual challenges to the Christian Faith and gospel that are commonly encountered in the Caribbean, especially in tertiary education, or on the Internet, or in commentary in the regional and international media: here, (i) as the evolutionary materialists have abused science over the past century and more in promotion of materialistic philosophies -- requiring a serious response on the merits; presented (ii) at a semi-popular, introductory technical level suitable to College level students and graduates with some background in the sciences and mathematics used. In turn, that is intended to support the ongoing work of reformation of Western and global cultures through the positive, corrective impacts of the Gospel - observe here, how Plato grounds his Laws in the implications of the inference to design, as cited, in context. In this case, as just noted, the contents are also intended to provide an accurate briefing on the actual merits of the case on the inference to design, as a basis for restoring balance to science, science education and linked public perceptions and policy. (It is also hoped that the presentation will stimulate students to dig deeper into the relevant sciences, as well, thus enriching their educational experience through developing their own perspectives and building deeper familiarity with key technical points, techniques and issues.) Permission is therefore granted to link to this page for fair use under intellectual property law, and for reasonable fair use citation of the linked content on for church- or parachurch- group related training and/or for personal or specifically institutional academic use. [But kindly have mercy on the available bandwidth at a freebie site . . . ask me to use the page whole or make significant excerpts on your own site as appropriate . . .] This permission specifically excludes reproduction, linking or citation for commercial, controversial or media purposes without the mailto: Author's written permission -- especially where matters relating to the validity and value of Faith/Religious/Atheological Commitments and Truth-Claims are being debated or disputed.

Yep, all scientific so far!  And ID isn't religious!  LMAO!