Saturday, May 28, 2011

gordy the festering boil blames MathGrrl

That's right gordy, I called you a festering boil, and I was being nice. In your post on UD (link at the bottom) you blame MathGrrl for things I or others have said. Well, gordy-the-dickless-slubberdegullion, isn't that just typical of a cowardly bunghole like you? You haven't got the guts to face me here so you take it out on an innocent party (MathGrrl) because you can get away with it on your protected sanctuary (UD). MathGrrl is not responsible for what I or others say and you know it. As usual, you're just trying to evade the issues and place the blame where you think it will do the most good for you and your sycophants.

I'm sure you're viewed as a hero by your fellow cowardly dingleberries on UD but in the real world you're as low a slimeball as it's possible to be. Actually though, comparing you to a slimeball is an insult to a slimeball.

There really aren't words that do you justice, so I will have to settle for saying that you're a bloated, egotistical, self-righteous, willfully dishonest, brain-dead, chicken-shit, pompous, arrogant, hypocritical, insane, psychopathic, schizophrenic, delusional, destructive, deranged, severely cowardly, puke-faced, stench-emitting, mental disease ridden, jementous, ignorant, hopeless, farcical, willfully blind and deaf, unaccomplished, shit-spewing, self-inflated, self-serving, self promoting, self-flattering, snake-oil-selling, unscientific, scientifically illiterate, uneducated, domineering, perverted, primitive, useless, worthless, failing, sanctimonious, projecting, ungodly bible-thumping aeolist of immensely gargantuan proportions. And I'm still being nice.

I'm thrilled that my blog irritates you. You deserve it. This is fun!