Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Joe G., IDiot extraordinaire

Joe G. (also known as Joe Gallien, and Joseph on uncommon descent) is certainly one of the most delusional and arrogant of the IDiots who support intelligent design (ID). He has a blog where he lies, blusters, fabricates, deceives, censors, and just about anything else that he thinks he can get away with. He makes a complete fool of himself there and anywhere else he posts but that doesn't stop him from continuing to demonstrate his massive insanity, dishonesty, and malignant narcissism.

I will be pointing out many things about joe-boi on this blog and will be posting some of his comments from his blog and from UD (uncommon descent) and will have my own responses to them. joe-boi and uncommon descent are too chickenshit to allow me to post on their sites. I will have a lot to say about the site uncommon descent here too. It is run by a pack of lying, pompous, hypocritical douchebags who call themselves "Christians".

To get started, here are a couple of comments from joe g. on his blog:

joe-boi: "Also when/ if someone atheist steps in and goes all evotard on me I will have hundreds, even thousands of witnesses to support my position."

joe-boi, your religious agenda is showing, even though you and most or all other ID-ists say that ID has nothing to do with religion. All of you are liars in that regard. You also say that ID has no argument with evolution yet you constantly call people who question or oppose you "evotards".

Who exactly are those "hundreds, even thousands of witnesses" joe-boi? What exactly are they a witness to? Why should anyone care what they think? Are they as delusional and dishonest as you are? What exactly is your position? Everything is or was designed by some god you imagine? Some things are or were designed by some god you imagine? Exactly how is ID tested and verified joe-boi? Do you just say it looks designed so it must be designed? You must, because neither you nor any other ID-ist has any real test or verification for design.

joe-boi quoted Isaac Newton and claims that Newton supports joe-boi's claims with this quote:

"We are to admit no more causes of natural things than such as are both true and sufficient to explain their appearances." Isaac Newton

No joe, that doesn't support your position. If anything that quote supports the Theory of Evolution as it currently stands. No gods are necessary or detected. No intelligent design or intervention is necessary or detected. No religious beliefs or other fairy tales are necessary or detected. Nothing is necessary other than what scientists actually have observed or can observe. In other words, material facts and explanations are all that is necessary and observed. The simplest and true explanation is the best explanation and the only one necessary. You and your IDiot buddies want to inject some imaginary god into everything just to promote your religious and political agenda and  to confuse and complicate the pursuits of science.

Your existence alone is more than enough to prove that there's no intelligent design in evolution. After all, you evolved but you show no signs of intelligence whatsoever. You're just a stupid, knuckle-dragging brute.