Thursday, May 26, 2011

chris doyle, liar for god and UD

Below are some statements from chris doyle, from this thread:

Any comments?

"Nasty and offensive remarks are made on both sides of this debate. However, the difference between evolutionists and their opponents is:

1. Evolutionists tend to produce much more offensive and nasty remarks – both in number of such contributions and the degree of rudeness that they reach.
2. Evolutionists tend to become nasty and offensive without provocation.

Put one evolutionist in a forum with ten of his opponents and he will have a far more pleasant experience than a creationist would have in a forum with ten evolutionists.

Given this background, can evolutionists really object or even express surprise when they are moderated over on Uncommon Descent? If double-standards are being practised there, then evolutionists can only blame themselves: reflect upon their own behaviour in countless other online forums and accept that double-standards may be unavoidable when the balance needs to be so severely redressed.

Let me assure you that, after 15 years of debating with evolutionists online, the last thing I’m interested in is exchanging insults with someone I’ve never met. I’d much rather stick to sound arguments and solid facts because this is a subject which absolutely fascinates me and one that I believe is much more important than people realise. On those rare occasions when I encounter an evolutionist who will put down the weapons and engage in proper, healthy debate I am the first to rejoice, congratulate that evolutionist and would personally intervene if such an evolutionist was on the receiving end of abuse [to date, I've never needed to]. I can count on one finger the number of times evolutionists have returned the courtesy."


"There is a far simpler explanation: most evolutionists find it incredibly difficult to engage in debate with their opponents without resorting to nasty and offensive remarks. We should not be surprised then if any website which enforces a strict moderation policy tends to weed out large numbers of evolutionists.

If evolutionists are genuinely interested in a rational, factual debate with their opponents then they will have no problems with moderation on Uncommon Descent. Unfortunately, this is a not a genuine interest held by most evolutionists."


"I repeat, if an evolutionist is serious about debating the issues without resorting to rudeness, then Uncommon Descent provides them with a place to do it."


".....then strive for a more decent, respectful and fact-based approach in future and maybe we can engage in a much more worthwhile discussion over on Uncommon Descent."