Wednesday, June 1, 2011

According to kairosfocus......

...."So, please, let us have done with this nonsense about trying to pin immoral equivalence on Christian regimes as with atheistical ones, which have racked up something like 100 – 200 million victims of democide in the past 100 years that the name of science has been seized as a banner to promote atheism in the community at large."

Yeah gordy, and all christians are and always have been sweet, loving, gentle people who would never hurt anyone. Yeah, right!

He also barfed: "I am sick and tired of the tendency to try to smear the Christian faith and church at large with the misdeeds of sects on the fringe. And, when there have been eras where the church has gone adrift, this has ever been rebuked from within."

Yep, those sweet, loving, gentle christians always rebuke the bad deeds of their church from within. HUH?? WHAT??

And he shat: "Amorality as a dominant view among elites is dangerous. So, let us make sure to expose and correct anything that trends in that direction.

And that puts evolutionary materialism promoted in the name of science and science education right in the intersection of our cross-hairs."

Now he sounds like looney toon sarah palin. Cross hairs?? KILL those good for nothing, amoral, evil materialists!! Praise the lord!! Hallelujah!!

Hey gordy, I'm a materialist (by your definition). Why don't you try to put me in your "cross-hairs"? I'm waiting for you big boi. Come and get me you sniveling, lie spewing coward. Would you like me to send you my address?

gordy's excrementory remarks are from this thread:

And he has the unmitigated gall to ask why the debate over design theory is so often so poisonous and polarized. Look in a mirror gordo!!