Sunday, December 4, 2011

Am I the only one who...

...wishes gordo would just shut the fuck up?

Check out this thread:

Notice the comments from gordo (kairosflaccid), ba77, and the rest of the IDiots. Do you see what the IDiots are completely missing?

Yeah, what they're missing is that the Afghans (muslims) who did that to the young woman DO believe in a god and it's the SAME god that christians like gordo, ba77, and the rest of the IDiots believe in. The particulars of their religious beliefs may be different but the god is the same one. The "Abrahamic" god. The god with all the alleged 'morals'.

Notice also that gordo plays the oppressed and attacked victim yet again and lies about, well, pretty much everything, even though he condemns lying. He also flips about gay marriage, but tries to do it in a covert way. On his websites and some other sites he comes right out and says gay marriage or homosexual or whatever term is direct, and is very vocal about being against homosexuality, but on UD he dances around and won't even respond to direct questions about his stance on homosexual people.

He also brings up the accusations against herman cain (without actually saying cain's name) and calls them a "hornet’s nest of vicious attack, and/or subjected to the politics of personal destruction" against "a member of one of the designated scapegoat classes". cain is black and claims to be a devout christian. gordo is black and claims to be a devout christian. cain is a liar. gordo is a liar. cain claims he's being persecuted. gordo claims he's being persecuted. Hmm, I wonder why gordo supports cain? Who's being a discriminatory bigot?

The funniest thing gordo puked is this:

"If we have no free, responsible choice, we can have nothing more than programming by genes and memes or the like: nature and nurture pushing us around like clay. And so, the heart and mind are confused and benumbed, leading to the loss of confidence in ability to stand up in the face of any sufficiently strong theme pushed by sufficiently powerful manipulators."

That is from the blowhard who constantly whines about being oppressed and pushed around by "powerful manipulators" (evolutionary materialists) but for some reason he doesn't have the guts to stand up in their faces. He HIDES in the UD sanctuary, and on his own websites where no comments from challengers are allowed. On other sites where I have found him commenting (in the past) he always ended up running away when he couldn't just preach his bloviating sermons without being questioned or challenged. He's a gutless, blustering liar with a god complex.

And don't forget that the vast majority of the IDiots actually defend genocide of men, women, children, and even animals in the name of their god. The same god that the muslims believe commands them to abuse women simply because they're women, and to cut off the nose and ears of a woman simply because she tries to flee the abuse. They also KILL women (and children and men) for various stupid reasons in the name of their god. Religious zombies are the most dangerous and blood thirsty monsters on Earth.