Monday, December 19, 2011

Speaking of the looney bin

William J Murray
December 19, 2011 at 6:02 am

It gets even worse when they attempt to argue about first principles, necessary assumptions, logic, free will and morality. Their argument centers around the view that there is no objective basis or means from which or by which to argue such concepts, but then directly imply that views which differ from theirs are “wrong”.

If it is all just subjective interpretation by biological automatons as they process input into output, and none of it ultimately means anything more than how a rock happens to roll down a hill, what are they arguing about, and why, and how do they expect to reach a meaningful conclusion?

The self-denying self-deception is staggering. They obliterate the capacity of anyone to make objective-value based arguments about anything, or to make them from any independent, uncaused or non-programmed perspective, while simultaneously believing they’ve made some kind of “valid” argument or point that others should recognize and acquiesce to.

A Darwinist arguing that darwinism (and, in fact, all of science) is in essence anything different from any other belief (meaning, a set of views and interpretations and conclusions generated by a long history of biological interactions) is engaged in self-deluding hypocrisy. Under the materialist/darwinist/subjectivist mandate, Darwinism = fundamentalist Christianity = Fundamentalist Islam = New Ageism = what anyone in a looney bin believes.

From their perspective, it’s all just views and beliefs generated from the same source: biological interactions – yet they argue as if we have some capacity beyond those interactions to recognize the validity of their arguments and change our own views; they argue as if, even if we could do so, it would matter in some way.

If it is all just a bunch of rocks rolling down hills one way or another, and set to do so by the relentless march of physics, why argue?

All of their arguments become nothing but material sophistry – rocks rolling down hills that happen to make sounds that appear to be “arguments”, no matter how inane or self-defeating.

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Apparently willy got tired of getting his ass kicked at Elizabeth Liddle's blog so he went back to the UD echo chamber where his fellow IDiots will pat him on the back for being inane, self deluding, and self defeating.