Tuesday, December 6, 2011

gordo has a mutilated pea brain


The whole diatribe is just another one of his insane tirades against the WRONG people (atheists/evolutionary materialists). For now, at least, I'm just going to quote one of his paragraphs.

gordo barfed:

"Let us focus the main matter, by looking at what our intuitive recognition that something has gone seriously wrong here is telling us: this young miss has rights, even is she has been wayward, and those rights have been massively violated, tantamount to rape — multiplied by the fact that the destructive mutilation of her face is visible for life."

gordo, the "main matter" you keep conveniently and dishonestly ignoring is that the people who did that to her DO believe in a god and it's the SAME god YOU believe in. The god worshiping monsters who imprisoned, 'raped', and mutilated the woman are NOT evolutionary materialists, "Darwinists", atheists, naturalists, scientists, agnostics, satanists, or any of the other imaginary bogey men you constantly condemn.

They are RELIGIOUS, just like YOU! They believe in the abrahamic god, just like YOU! They are TOTALLY immersed in insane religious fairy tales and practices, just like YOU! They are god zombies, just like YOU! The woman does NOT have "rights" because she is CONTROLLED by deranged religious lunatics who think that they ARE a god, just like YOU!

RELIGIOUS beliefs, and the use of them to control, mistreat, and kill people, IS the problem, NOT evolutionary materialism.

YOU and your ILK are the scummiest of the scum, the lowest of the low, the, the dregs of society, and your incomprehensible, lying, hypocritical, blustering, sanctimonious bloviating on UD or anywhere else won't change that or fool anyone with a clue.

By the way, gordo, what the fuck does any of your god pushing maniacal bullshit have to do with a so-called 'scientific' ID inference/hypothesis/theory? Do you really think that being a raging religious nutcase is going to 'scientifically' support ID? Don't you IDiots claim that ID has nothing to do with gods and religious beliefs? Your LIES are obvious.