Tuesday, December 13, 2011

gordon mullings, shit spewing LIAR

In this thread (closed to comments)...


gordo shat:

"J knows or should know that detailed Bible discussions are well off topic for UD, and that his posing of an out of context misreading from Deut 22..."


J (Jello) was NOT "off topic", did NOT post an "an out of context misreading from Deut 22" (it was in context, read correctly, and relevant), was NOT trying to "derail" the thread, was NOT "simply rudely disruptive and distractive; making no genuinely positive contribution to serious dialogue", did NOT make a "gross and irresponsible misrepresentation" of what happened to him (BANNED) for bringing up "Deut 22", nor did he do ANY of the other things that gordo is accusing him of. gordo just won't see or speak the TRUTH. His entire life is based on LIES.

To see what Jello (now BANNED) originally posted see this thread (now closed to comments):


And then go to the uncommonly dense thread on ATBC, where there is more on this subject.


gordon elliott mullings is doing the same old shit he always does. He's accusing others of the things that HE actually does. gordo is as low a lowlife as a lowlife can possibly be. He's a LYING, cowardly, despicable punk and a danger to society.

By the way, if "Bible discussions" are "off topic" on UD, then WHY do the IDiots there, including gordo, regularly bring up bible/religious topics? ba77 brings up bible/religious crap in every one of his posts, but for some reason gordo doesn't chastise or ban ba77.

gordo just wants to PREACH and DICTATE his sermons and commands and he has NO problem with other bible thumpers bringing up bible/religious topics. His extreme malignant narcissism and god complex makes him think that he can say and do whatever he wants and that NO ONE can question or challenge him. gordo wants to rule the world and force everyone to obey his orders. He's a total fucking loon who deliberately will not face the TRUTH about his beliefs, words, and actions. gordo is the one making "gross and irresponsible misrepresentation(s)", and HE is the one who is absolutely terrified of "serious dialogue" and NEVER engages in it.

gordon mullings and his IDiot comrades have no morals or integrity whatsoever. They will say and do ANYTHING to try to get away with their dishonest, maniacal agenda. They are the ones who won't allow uncomfortable dissenting comments or will block all comments and/or ban people who speak the truth. Truth scares the shit out of religious zombies like gordo and his fellow IDiots because it exposes and threatens their insane fairy tale beliefs and world conquering agenda.

To gordo and his "ilk", a "serious dialogue" is just them putting themselves on a pedestal and shouting unquestionable dictatorial commands and fire and brimstone threats. He and his "ilk" are authoritarian tyrants without the backbone to engage in "serious dialogue" with challengers. They hide behind a wall of blocking and banning while dishonestly saying that they welcome open and honest discussion. They are the very definition of COWARDS.