Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dumber than a turd

In this post...

...News (o'leary) stupidly asks:

Question: These planets are unlikely to support life, and no one has suggested they do. But what if we find 18,000 planets that don’t support life and none that do? Would it be time for a revisit of the basic “They’re Out There” hypothesis?

“They” may very well be out there. Or not. But at what point would we be justified in using cold analysis – as opposed to brave, faint hopes – to make a decision?


What an incredibly small mind. I'd be willing to bet that if o'leary's head were split open there wouldn't even be a quark's worth of brain matter in it.

Hey o'stupid, the universe is a LOT bigger than you think it is, and humans have just begun to discover other planets. There are bound to be trillions of planets throughout the universe whether humans ever verify it or not. 18,000 or even 18,000,000 is just the tip of the iceberg.

It's really funny that you stupid, ignorant, brain dead, moronic IDiots constantly argue that the entire universe is fine tuned for life but also argue that life, and especially 'intelligent' life, and really especially specially created life in your chosen god's image, only exists on the Earth.

Even though your bullshit religious beliefs and assertions have already been refuted by science (no adam and eve, therefor no original sin, etc.) the discovery of even a microbe, let alone 'intelligent' life, on another planet would crush your religious fairy tales even more, and that's why you cringe at the thought that life exists on other planets.

You IDiots slobber on and on and on about 'probabilities' and make up ridiculous numbers to push your asinine arguments about the improbability of whatever it is that you want to deny the existence of. You obviously think that life, and especially 'intelligent' life, only exists on the Earth and that humans, and only humans, were specially created in your chosen god's image.

Why is it that you don't apply 'probabilities' to the existence of life, including 'intelligent life', on other planets? Even when only considering what humans can currently see in the universe, the probability of there being trillions of planets and the probability of life on many planets is virtually certain, and the probability of 'intelligent' life is too. And don't forget, you IDiots are the ones who claim that the universe is fine tuned for life. I'd tell you to make up your mind but you don't have one.