Sunday, December 18, 2011

The tard is with you, gildo


Wow, what a stupid, ass backward, self serving bucket of swill that post is. It's just another pile of dishonest crap from a deranged IDiot who wants his fairy tale religious beliefs to be taught in public schools, instead of science. And to think that he calls himself a scientist. That's a laugh.

Hey gildo, you IDiots haven't made any good points.

Why don't you IDiots say what you mean? You know, like tell the truth about your dishonest maniacal religious agenda instead of trying to fool people into believing that your motives are strictly scientific? You're the ones with "fantasies", "transparent irrationality", and "orthodoxy", and you're the ones who want to indoctrinate everyone with your ridiculous religious bullshit.

Tell me, gildo, what is "scientific, rational, evidential, or mathematical" about your completely retarded and impossible religious beliefs, and what is "intellectually honest" about trying to shove them down everyone's throat using LIES, empty rhetoric, strawmen, red herrings, and every other asinine game you IDiots constantly play?

It's funny that you would use the word "commitment" because you should be committed to an insane asylum.

Hey gildo, I just said what I mean. How do you like it?