Monday, December 19, 2011

How can anyone... this backassward and fucked up?

Upright BiPed
December 18, 2011 at 1:56 pm

Street Theater,

You seem awfully confident as you run your mouth. Do you throw stones in hiding, or are you willing to come out and talk about some of the actual evidence for design?

From here:


downright braindead does nothing but run his mouth and throw stones while he hides like a sniveling coward in the UD sanctuary, and there is NO "actual evidence for design" to talk about.

Notice that downright braindead posted his blustering, impotent bullshit AFTER Street Theater had been banned. Yeah, he's a real courageous guy. NOT.

Hey downright braindead, if you're so brave, and confident in your assertions, and want to "talk about some of the actual evidence for design", why don't you come here, or go to Larry Moran's site, or to The Panda's Thumb, or ATBC, or Dawkins' site, or Jerry Coyne's site, or the other sites that challenge ID, and bring up your alleged "actual evidence"? Are you just a fairy tale believing chickenshit punk who's afraid of the reality bogeyman, or are you going to come out of hiding in the UD sanctuary and face the challenges like a man?

I'm not afraid of you (or any other IDiots) and I seriously doubt that anyone on those other sites is. Come on out, cry baby. You can always run back to your protective sanctuary and get a hug from the other IDiotic cowards there after you get your ass spanked. If you're afraid to come out by yourself, feel free to bring your IDiot comrades with you. Oh wait, they're sniveling cowards who only feel safe throwing stones and running their mouths while hiding in the UD sanctuary, just like you.