Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What a phony, LYING goon

In that post, gordo shows yet again what a two-faced, cowardly, lying, sanctimonious piece of crap he is.

Here is what he barfed:

"Pardon a moment.

Just a notice to let the abusive spammers know that the price tag for serious dialogue is basic civility. (And in some cases, a lot of uncalled for stuff — for cause — would have to be removed and apologised for. Why should I or any sensible person let you do the verbal equivalent of repeatedly dumping garbage on my front lawn?)

Oh, a follow-up snippet from my comment inbox, to see some of why I say this:

. . . Where’s the “serious dialogue” here on your worthless site and in your threads on UD? Blocking and banning people who speak the truth isn’t “serious dialogue”. You don’t have the slightest clue as to what “serious dialogue” is, you LYING [vulgarity] dictator.

Your ONE SIDED LIE-FILLED sermons are NOT “serious dialogue”. Every word you spew just makes you look more and more like a cowardly, LYING lunatic. You should be thoroughly embarrassed by your reputation as a big mouthed blowhard with no courage, morals, or integrity whatsoever. You’re a deranged loser.

On the contrary, it should be quite clear that I am simply insisting on a modicum of decency and — in this case — correction of a lot of already existing harmful commentary. How, I wish we were able to focus on how we could work together to call for reformation to deal with the problem of human trafficking exposed by the Bibi Aisha case, but instead we again have to pause to deal with abuse.

And, BTW, irresponsible, out of context misreadings of Deut 22 etc are not “speaking the truth.”

No surprise, evolutionary materialism is inherently self referentially incoherent and radically relativist (thus amoral and entails the absurdity: might makes right).

It cannot acknowledge the obvious implication we face, that any sound worldview must start from the premise that morality is objective, that our fellow human beings have comparable moral worth to ourselves, so we have duties of care and respect to one another, and that being under such moral government strongly points to a ground of Being who is the inherently good and wise Creator and Lord of the cosmos.

And, FYFI, venom, vulgarities, personalities, poisonous side-tracks and false accusations, of course, are not serious dialogue. G’day. END"


The "snippet" from his "comment inbox" is some of the things I said in a submitted (but not published) comment on his blog. He's way to cowardly to publish any of my comments or face me here so he instead seeks safety in the UD sanctuary, where I'm not allowed to respond, and proceeds to preach another bloviating sermon that STILL misses and/or distorts the points I've made.

Notice too that his post on UD is closed to any comments. So much for "serious dialogue". He knows that I can't post anything on UD, so what is he afraid of? He also knows that all of the IDiots on UD will either agree with him and add to his one sided sermon or they will ignore him, so what is he afraid of? Why are comments off for his post, and why are they off in his post of a few days ago, and why did he close comments in another of his recent threads? AND, why isn't there a single published comment on his blog from someone who questions his assertions or challenges them? WHERE is the "serious dialogue"? With comments off or never published, where is the OPPORTUNITY for "serious dialogue"?

To gordo, "serious dialogue" is him preaching yet another lie filled, dictatorial sermon, and the only commenters allowed are ones that kiss his sanctimonious, lying ass. He and the other IDiots are the ones employing the "might makes right" attitude and actions. They are the ones who block and ban people just because those people don't or might not agree with them. They (and especially gordo) exercise their "might" by making "Comments off" posts, barging into other people's posts with bold type (often red) dictatorial tirades, and preaching one sided bossy sermons.

It's pretty funny (in a sad sort of way) that gordo hypocritically preaches about "abuse", "basic civility", "insisting on a modicum of decency", "harmful commentary", "duties of care and respect to one another", "venom, vulgarities, personalities, poisonous side-tracks and false accusations", and "a lot of uncalled for stuff" even though HE and his fellow IDiots/godbots constantly and "repeatedly" ridicule, insult, abuse, attack, denigrate, lie about, demonize, and 'repeatedly dump garbage' on Darwin, "Darwinists", atheists, agnostics, evolutionary materialists, science, scientists, science supporters, "personalities", and everyone else who doesn't blindly worship their authoritarian, narcissistic asses, AND he and his IDiotic religious comrades conveniently ignore the fact that they have been "repeatedly dumping" that uncivil "garbage" for a very long time.

Tell me gordo, Why should I or any other sensible person let you (or any other god zombie) do the verbal equivalent of repeatedly dumping garbage on science's lawn and on everyone who doesn't obediently agree with you and your insane, dictatorial, religious bullshit?

Notice that gordo brought up and attacked "evolutionary materialism" shortly after my quoted words, even though evolutionary materialism has absolutely nothing to do with my words and nothing to do with what happened to Bibi Aisha. She was mutilated by RELIGIOUS nutcases in her own family! Those maniacal freaks are NOT evolutionary materialists!

I'd be willing to bet that if Billy Graham mutilated a young woman, gordo would blame "evolutionary materialism" AND bring Hitler, "100 million ghosts", and Lewontin into it somehow.

Oh, and gordo? What about your "false accusations" toward me? You know, the ones you repeatedly assert about me allegedly "threatening your family Mafioso style". Are those "serious dialogue"?

"...the inherently good and wise Creator and Lord of the cosmos"

Fuck you and your monstrous imaginary lord.