Monday, December 12, 2011

Lies, distortions, and unresponsive bullshit

In this post on UD...

...gordo links to this...

That sure is a lot of words that are completely unresponsive to what I said.

You (gordo) keep conveniently ignoring the FACT that the people who committed the horrible acts you referred to are religious zombies, just like you are. They are NOT evolutionary materialists and/or atheists.

No matter how much you dishonestly try to distort the FACTS, you won't succeed in fooling anyone with a properly functioning brain.

And do you really think you're fooling anyone with your outrageous, willful, blatant, libelous, self serving LIES about me threatening your family?

gordo, you are a LYING, cowardly, two-faced, insane, big-mouthed, narcissistic, abusive maniac with an extreme god complex.

Among other things, gordo said:

"Unfortunately, this commenter, TWT (the same who threatened my family mafioso-style some months ago), amply underscores just how hateful, recklessly irresponsible, angry, and potentially dangerous -- please, listen to the podcast, here -- are all too many of today's new atheists.

Let us hope -- and pray -- that he will now learn to restrain himself, and has enough conscience left to be ashamed, and maybe will open up his heart and mind to the evident truth. But also, let us rise up and stand up for the right in the community, pausing to look soberly at our own hearts, minds and lives."

gordon elliott mullings of Montserrat, you're the one who needs to repent and reform, and you're the one who needs a conscience, and you're the one who should be ashamed, and you're the one who needs to see and speak the "evident truth", and you're the one who needs to look soberly at your own heart, mind, and life. You are severely sick in the head.

In another post on his site, gordo said:

"So, Dr Dawkins and co, kindly note: the direct implication of these anti-God, anti-Bible arguments, is that they are implicit attacks on Jews and Judaism, not just Christians and Christianity. Those who would make them, need to ask whether they would be willing to explicitly substitute terms directly accusing or challenging Jews, for those that accuse or challenge Christians."

I don't know what Dawkins would say but I'll lump jews with christians and muslims when it comes to being deranged screwballs who believe in and promote ridiculous fairy tales and a genocidal, monstrous god. There gordo, does that answer your curiosity?

Hey gordo, are you a hateful, dangerous bigot for constantly attacking atheists, Darwin, "Darwinists", evolutionary materialists, naturalists, scientists, science supporters, agnostics, and all the others you put in your cross-hairs, including some members of your own religion and other religions?