Wednesday, December 14, 2011

shysters, charlatans, liars, and freaks

In this post...

...barry 'shyster' arrington says:

"The problem with Miller’s response is that even if one takes it at face value he still appears mendacious, because no ID supporter has ever, as far as I know, argued “X is improbable; therefore X was designed.”"

Now, take a look at comment number 8 by DrRec:

December 13, 2011 at 1:50 pm

“because no ID supporter has ever, as far as I know, argued “X is improbable; therefore X was designed.”

“The question remaining is how improbable does a specified thing have to be before we know it was designed? … That means we set the bar very high, meaning the thing in question will have to be extremely improbable to pass our design test.”

Intelligent Design Uncensored: An Easy-To-Understand Guide to the Controversy By William A. Dembski, Jonathan Witt p. 67

Am I missing something?


arrington and his lying IDiot comrades just never know when to shut the fuck up.

Virtually all of the arguments for ID are based on probability/improbability (in addition to all of the religious BS and Darwin bashing of course).

The IDiots at UD are getting their asses kicked on a daily basis by just the few non-IDiots who are allowed to post there. Imagine what would happen if all non-IDiots were allowed to post there.

Whenever I look at the posts and comments by IDiots at UD (or anywhere else) I am amazed that those morons actually expect sane, thinking, educated people to swallow the absolutely INSANE, RETARDED, DISHONEST bullshit they spew. As crazy as their spewage has been for a long time, it appears to me that it's getting even crazier. They not only keep repeating the same old bullshit that has been shown many times over to be totally wrong and thoroughly dishonest, but they're also adding new and even more radical nuttiness to their assertions, and they are being more and more sloppy at keeping their religious agenda hidden.

If those dullards had even the slightest amount of intelligence, conscience, and awareness, they would realize that they were exposed as the shysters and charlatans they are a long time ago, and they would also realize that the "ID movement" has been dead and decomposing since the moment it was illegitimately conceived. Instead, they persist in their agenda, regardless of how foolish, stupid, deranged, and dishonest they and their agenda look.

The IDiots have a one track mind, and that is to push their religious insanity into every aspect of everyone's life. They obviously believe that they are on a mission for their chosen god. They're all mental cases, and I'm sure that they will continue to show that they are lying, narcissistic, sanctimonious freaks that want to control the world.