Wednesday, December 14, 2011

gordo opens his mouth and inserts both feet

According to gordo:

"And until there is a credible and serious explanation backed up by repeatable actual experiments — computer sims will not do — the evolutionary materialist narrative will properly belong to the world of origins myth, not science. never mind the current ideological dominance of such myth-makers and myth propagators in institutions of science."

From here:

(near the bottom of


Where is the "credible and serious explanation backed up by repeatable actual experiments" for ANYTHING in the ID "narrative"?

I'm STILL waiting for ANY IDiot to calculate/measure the "CSI" in a banana (or anything else), let alone back up any of their other non-scientific assertions. gordo, gpukio, joe-boi, and many other IDiots claim that they have specifically defined "CSI", "dFSCI", "dFSCO/I", etc., and they claim that it IS measurable, but they NEVER actually measure it in anything in nature. They also NEVER do ANY "repeatable actual experiments" on anything else and they regularly rely on arguments and evidence pertaining to "computer sims" to promote ID.

Hmm, I wonder (not really) why IDiots don't apply the SAME standards to their own bald assertions that they apply to, and demand of, science and the ToE? It couldn't be because they are a bunch of two-faced, dishonest, non-scientific, arrogant, shallow, biased religious lunatics, could it? ;)