Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Lying for jesus

December 20, 2011 at 11:41 am


Why don’t Darwinists just say what they mean?

Maybe they are too smart for that…

Gil, you always say really what you mean, and very clearly too, and that’s why I like you! But you would be a bad darwinist (me too, I am afraid) :) .

From here:



Hey gpukio, why don't YOU and the rest of the IDiots HONESTLY say what YOU mean? After all, you and I and a lot of other people know that your real agenda is to force your religious beliefs into every aspect of everyone's life, and that you're lying when you claim anything to the contrary. Do you think that your imaginary god approves of your lies? Of course you do!

Since you IDiotic god zombies are chronic liars I'm sure that you easily find ways to convince yourselves that your imaginary god approves of ANYTHING you say or do. That's one of the benefits of your god being imaginary. You can apply whatever YOU imagine into or onto that god.

By believing that your imaginary god approves of your thoughts and behavior you can conveniently shirk personal responsibility for thinking, saying, and doing things that decent people would call dishonest and wrongful. By creating an imaginary supernatural god, you godbots have conveniently placed all responsibility for your thoughts and actions OUTSIDE of yourselves, and you have created a so-called 'ultimate' authority figure who, according to you thumpers, condones or forgives whatever you say or do. How nice for you liars.