Monday, June 20, 2011

bornagain77, daffier than Daffy Duck

According to born-to-be-a-moron:

"Actually, Neil, science is critically dependent on Theism being true, and furthermore science cannot be sustained by atheism or any other philosophy. Indeed a very strong argument can be made that Christian Theism, in particular, was, and is, necessary for the sustained development of modern science. This is not a matter of my personal taste but is of historical fact!"

And then he goes on to post a bunch of links that refer to early scientists who were or may have been religious. But, notice that he says "is" necessary for the sustained development of modern science.

Hey phil (bornagain77), no reasonable or "very strong" argument can be made for your delusional religious ramblings about science. Your "personal taste", which is actually a terminal case of religious insanity, means nothing when it comes to science, and your religious insanity is all you've got, no matter what you say to the contrary. You don't know squat about science or reality or evolution or anything else that matters to anyone who has a clue. And science is NOT critically dependent on theism being true. Theism is a nothing but a nuisance to science.

You always post a ton of links to what other crazed religious people say or do or preach or sing or claim or speculate or blather on about. Have you EVER had an ORIGINAL THOUGHT?? You are an insecure, paranoid, cowardly, dependent, self-brainwashed, uneducated, ignorant, arrogant, slobbering parasite.