Thursday, June 2, 2011

Not a political agenda?

IDiots claim that their agenda is simply to find the truth about evolution and whether intelligent design is the cause behind the diversity of life forms and the universe. They claim that they want science to investigate intelligent design in nature, and of course they claim that if science would do that, intelligent design would be scientifically verified.

They say their agenda is not religious or political, and is strictly scientific. Well, the site (uncommon descent) that says it serves the ID community sure has a LOT of religious crap all over it and here is a current article that sure looks political to me:

And what the FUCK does Hollywood or leftists or television shows or anything else in that article have to do with scientifically verifying ID????

Oh wait, the article claims that a media conspiracy is deliberately slanted to the left so as to prevent people from being exposed to ID, and to bring ID "down". Wow. And I do mean WOW.

Do the IDiots want biblical ID plots and stories written into The Simpsons, the nightly news, game shows, soap operas, Brad Pitt movies, and Saturday morning cartoons?? How about rewriting reruns of I Love Lucy, The Three Stooges, and The Odd couple to include religious ID plots and stories? The new scripts could be dubbed in. Yeah, that's the ticket!

On tonight's episode of The Odd Couple, Felix and Oscar debate ID! Tomorrow night, Lucy and The Three Stooges debate ID on a special episode of Seinfeld, with Kramer as the moderator! And don't miss next week's special presentation of born-to-be-a-tard-again77 guest starring with kairos-out-of-focus as they present their scientific evidence for ID on America's Funniest Videos!!

Could IDiots/creationists be any crazier??

By the way, have IDiots ever seen or heard of all the religious, right-wing programs on TV and all the religious movies ever made? Is pat robertson's 700 club a "leftist" show? How about all those other religious shows that run for hours and hours where everyone has BIG hair, Rolex watches, and way too much makeup? There are also channels strictly devoted to religious programming and I seriously doubt that they push or condone a "leftist" agenda or conspiracy. And what about Fox News, Beck, O'Riley, Limbaugh, etc.?

If it were up to IDiots/creationists, everything we are ever allowed to think, see, hear, read, or talk about would be totally religious and absolutely void of any reference to science and reality. They would burn all books and other material that aren't heavily supportive of their religious agenda and they would force everyone to attend church and pray to THEIR chosen god. They would do everything possible to control everyone on Earth. They're already trying to do that and have been doing so for a very long time. It kills them to think that anyone has avoided or escaped their propaganda and indoctrination. They want every last mind under their absolute control.