Monday, June 6, 2011

How low can they go?

chris doyle, chronic liar for his god and UD, shows even more of his massive cowardice and dishonesty in his words below. He knows that UD blocks and bans many very knowledgeable people who would eagerly post on the UD forums and confront the ALLEGED scientific facts the IDiots spew there. The IDiots are the ones who cannot handle forums outside of UD where they would have to face actual scientific facts and challenges to their dishonest religious and political agenda that is poorly masked as a scientific theory.

How chicken-shit does doyle-the-limp-dick have to be to vomit such arrogant, cowardly, lying bile as this from behind the protective wall at UD?:

Chris Doyle


1:12 am

Spot on, GilDodgen.

The vast majority of evolutionists cannot handle a forum like this. The problem they find is that they are obligated to confront actual scientific fact here (unlike other forums, where anything goes: which usually means the first things to go are evidence and reason).