Saturday, June 18, 2011

Transparent IDiots

A new thread on uncommon descent (link below) promises to be a clear demonstration of the transparent hypocrisy and dishonesty of the IDiots there. Already some of the two-faced liars have shown their real selves, yet again. The person with the user name "lastyearon" correctly pointed out the hypocrisy of o'leary, who often goes by "News" just to make it look like she hasn't completely taken over UD. Her hypocrisy and that of her fellow IDiots is so big that I'm surprised it all fits within the universe.

The IDiots on UD and elsewhere have absolutely no awareness of their own hypocrisy, lying, arrogance, sanctimony, pomposity, self-righteousness, blustering, ignorance, shallowness, dogma, craziness, and insulting behavior.

gildo (gil dodgen) complains about the "BioLogos crowd":

"This is outright slander, and despicable, immoral misrepresentation. Great Christian testimony, BioLogos crowd. I’m sure this will lay up a few more treasures in heaven for you, except for the fact that you obviously don’t believe in such notions, being the confused, effectively functional atheists that you are."

Well, gildo-the-pious-godbot, you forgot real quickly that you called the "typical Darwinist" "a complete ignoramus" just the other day and included some other derogatory remarks, like you always do. So much for YOUR "Christian testimony" and YOUR "treasures in heaven", you phony two faced buttchunk! And you constantly, along with your fellow IDiots, insult atheists. What's the matter gildo, are you jealous of atheists and their realistic thinking? Are you pissed because you need a religious crutch and they don't? You poor thing you. Maybe your teddy bear will give you a hug and make everything better.

The IDiots on UD, and elsewhere, CONSTANTLY insult "Darwinists", atheists, evolutionists, materialists, naturalists, scientists, science supporters, liberals, and anyone else who doesn't instantly and obediently swallow their ridiculous religious swill, and they CONSTANTLY engage in outright slander, despicable immoral misrepresentation, and much more insulting, sanctimonious crap. That's SO christian of them.

THAT'S the main reason I started this blog and give them shit. They DESERVE it. They run amok on UD and elsewhere and think they're immune to the truth about themselves. Anyone reading this blog and wondering if I'm pointing out the truth can go see for themselves what the IDiots at UD, and elsewhere, are trying to get away with.

A couple of things to keep in mind when reading that thread:

joseph (joe g) constantly insults "Darwinists", especially on his blog, even though he says: "Materialistic/ reductionist agenda and it isn’t hidden. Just sayin’….". For him to make it sound like he doesn't attack "Darwinists" is just one of the MANY lies he spews.

Notice all the other insults directed at BioLogos, "Darwinists", Jerry Coyne, Richard Dawkins, atheists, and even "Christian Darwinists", and the thread is just getting started! Doesn't the bible say some things about judging and condemning other people? Those IDiots on UD are so arrogant and self-righteous that they insult and condemn OTHER christians, just because those other christians aren't as delusional as they are! If you're not a full blown, completely indoctrinated, bible thumping, proselytizing, evangelizing, 100% creationist ID pusher, you're the DEVIL and you don't fit in with IDiots!

If it were up to IDiots, they would exterminate everyone on Earth who disagrees with them in the slightest way. They're as crazy and arrogant as muslim terrorists.

Also keep in mind that wackos like the ones at UD are trying very hard to force their insane bullshit into schools, government, laws, and other venues, whether you like it or not. They want to control the world, and even what you think.

Here's the thread: