Friday, June 17, 2011

kairosfocus and other IDiots blow a gasket again

gordy says:

"Are you simply reiterating a convenient talking point, drumbeat fashion as though repetition creates rerality?"

"Next, do you understand how serious it is to insistently misrepresent another person or people?"

"And, what that looks like when it is sustained in the teeth of correction on the merits?"

"Do you see why I am pointing to a problem of insistent ad hominem laced strawman caricature on your part?"

""Onlookers: DM is of course tossing out red herring after red herring led away to a forest of strawman caricatures laced with ad hominems awaiting some firebrand rhetoric to set ablaze, bitterly polarising and poisoning the atmoshpere."


Hey gordo, YOU and your poisonous IDiot buddies are the ones doing that shit, over and over and over again! You are a broken record, endlessly repeating the same old verbal sewage.

gordy also says:

"On the first, pardon some frank words: you would be better advised to study before speaking."

"Onlookers, see what has been happening over and over again for months?"


Yeah, gordy-the-shit-spewing-boi, we "onlookers" see exactly what's been happening over and over again for YEARS at UD and anywhere else a religious wacko opens his/her mouth. You and all the other brain-dead IDiots would be better advised to study before speaking, and you should just shut the fuck up! You need mental help, NOW!! You're crazier than Charles Manson.

The quotes above are from this thread: