Monday, June 6, 2011


Hey gildo, there's no such thing as a "brilliant ID apologist" and you are one of the dumbest, most blind cowards on this planet. Your balls never dropped, did they?

Oh, and how old are those biased delusional transparently obvious fantasy religious beliefs of yours? Zero century? Older? Much older? You do realize that they're largely a rehash of pre-christian bullshit beliefs, don't you?

Yep, that antiquated fairy tale shit is real "modern". LMAO!

If anyone has been bludgeoned over the head, it's you, and I mean with a lead pipe or similar brain damaging object. Hmm, maybe it was a lead cross. Whatever it was, the damage was extensive, debilitating, and apparently permanent:


At UD we have many brilliant ID apologists, and they continue to mount what I perceive as increasingly indefensible assaults on the creative powers of the Darwinian mechanism of random errors filtered by natural selection. In addition, they present overwhelming positive evidence that the only known source of functionally specified, highly integrated information-processing systems, with such sophisticated technology as error detection and repair, is intelligent design.

This should be obvious to any unbiased observer with a decent education in basic mathematics and expertise in any rigorous engineering discipline.

Here is my analysis: The Forrests of the world don’t want to admit that there is design in the universe and living systems — even when the evidence bludgeons them over the head from every corner of contemporary science, and when the trajectory of the evidence makes their thesis less and less believable every day.

Why would such a person hold on to a transparently obvious 19th-century pseudo-scientific fantasy, when all the evidence of modern science points in the opposite direction?

I can see the Forrest through the trees. Can you?"