Tuesday, June 28, 2011

So much tard, so little time (part seven)

My responses are in bold type.


"Elizabeth, when you actually make a coherent argument backed by solid empirics, then you will earn my respect that you are posting in good faith, and not before."

Who gives a fuck whether you respect them or not? And when are YOU going to make "a coherent argument backed by solid empirics"?

"do you simply ignore it because it disagrees with your preferred worldview??? And that is just one example out of countless examples of how i’ve seen you handle evidence contrary to your worldview. No Elizabeth, if you want my respect you have to earn it."

Eat shit, you arrogant religious zombie.

"What should i care what you believe the implications are to the evidence when you refuse to even address evidence in the first place???"

Why should anyone care what YOU believe, you fucking pig-headed, jesus sucking godbot?

"Elizabeth, this ain’t ‘Science according to Elizabeth’; there are to posibble explanation, and only two possible explanations. Either the universe was designed or it was not. That you would be so biased as to try to worm your preconceived conclusion into plausibility, with absolutely no empirical support, has lowered what was already my low respect for your integrity towards empirical science!!!"

Speaking of worming, a worm is vastly superior to you, phil-boi. And science doesn't care at all what you think.

"Elizabeth, I’ve seen enough of you ‘methodology of science’ to know that evidence is of very low priority, whereas your non-theistic view is of very high priority."

And your "methodology" is to be a religious maniac who believes that evidence is a belief in fairy tale bullshit.

"Elizabeth, I look at your actions and not your words. You have ignored, or superficially rationalized away, all evidence presented to you not only on this thread but practically every thread you have commented on! You HAVE NOT EVER honestly addressed the evidence as far as I can tell!!! Though you find offense that I would call you on such ‘shallowness of science’ really matters not one iota to me as far as the empirical evidence itself is concerned. I am strictly concerned with what the evidence is actually indicating to us, certainly not in any shallow philosophy of science that you, or any other person who is adverse to theism, might present!!!

As Sargent Joe Friday would say:

Just The Facts Ma’am!!"

Just shut the fuck up, you dickless pimple. You wouldn't know a fact if your life depended on it. Nobody is more shallow than you, or more pious.

"Once again why should I even care what you think when you refuse to honestly address the evidence presented to you??? Like I said before Elizabeth, THIS AIN”T ‘Science by Elizabeth’ i.e. this is not a rabbit hole world where you are free to make up the rules as you go!!"

This ain't science by bornagain77! YOU don't make the rules, phil-boi! And it's nice to know that that pisses you off no end! LMAO!!

"And where exactly have I practiced a ‘double standard’ as far as evidence is concerned??? I take very seriously any evidence that purports to compromise ID and expect the same type of respect for evidence presented against neo-Darwinism and its subordinate theories such as multiverses etc."

All you are is a double standard, in every way.

"Why should I give respect for a position without any evidence when none is given for a position with evidence???"

You're so fucking crazy and two-faced, it's not even funny. YOU are the one who has a completely delusional position with NO evidence.

Fuck off bible-boi!