Thursday, June 16, 2011

How can such an unintelligent IDiot survive....

....without being spoon-fed Gerber baby food? And isn't it interesting that gildo can call a "typical Darwinist" "a complete ignoramus" and other derogatory terms and UD allows it but UD regularly blocks and bans people who are civil, but just don't necessarily accept ID? So much for UD welcoming civil, honest discussion/debate. So much for 'Christian' values, non-judgment, and brotherly love. The only thing they "welcome" at UD is total agreement with their constant Darwin bashing and blind, unquestioning adherence to their hypocritical religious insanity.

gildo (gil dodgen) is the pompous, religious IDiot who loves to brag about his alleged work in the aerospace industry and obviously thinks of himself as the greatest engineer who ever lived! He also thinks that whatever engineering he has allegedly done is directly comparable to biological entities.

Posts like the one from gildo (below) are one of the reasons I created this blog. IDiots dish it out but won't let anyone respond accordingly on UD. Here, I can say whatever I want, and the IDiots on UD could come here if they only had the balls to leave their protected echo-chamber website called uncommon descent. They won't do that though, because they would have to face comments and challenges that they cannot block or ban.

The cowardice and dishonesty of IDiots are easily apparent. Their imaginary god obviously didn't give them any courage. They're just a bunch of whiny little crybabies, who are hiding, lying, and proselytizing on UD.

Oh, and gildo? You don't have an answer for anything that matters to anyone but delusional, braggadocios, religious morons like you. And the "bizarre disconnect" is between YOU IDIOTS and reality, logic, and any notion of basic scientific reasoning. YOU'RE the ones who live in a fantasy world and base your thoughts and beliefs on silly, ancient fairy tales that have NO scientific merit or foundation whatsoever. When are you going to grow up and face reality?

And by the way gildo, the ToE and abiogenesis are two different areas of study in science. Of course you'd know that if you had a brain and knew anything about science, you fucking dolt.

gildo's arrogant swill:



8:31 pm

Light reflects from the glass, enters your eyes, and triggers activity in your visual pathways.

The problem with Darwinists is that they never consider the astronomically complex engineering that would be required to produce such a phenomenon.

This is perfectly understandable, of course, because the typical Darwinist is a complete ignoramus concerning even the most trivial engineering principles.

The Darwinist waves his hands in the air, proclaims that spontaneous generation turned dirt or “the primordial soup” into a highly complex information-processing system in the first living cell, and then asserts that random errors introduced into this highly complex information-processing system turned that cell into Mozart in 10^17 seconds with hopelessly inadequate probabilistic resources.

This is fantasy. Silliness. A bizarre disconnect from reality, logic, and any notion of basic scientific reasoning.

How do these arguably intelligent people live with such nonsensical anti-reason? I know why, because I was once one of them. I’ll give you the answer in a future post.