Thursday, June 30, 2011

An answer to dmullenix

dmullenix points out the truth and asks some very reasonable questions:

"Moderators: I’ve been lurking on Uncommon Descent since its beginning and I’ve seen many people unceremoniously kicked off the blog for trifling offenses that are nothing compared to KF. Why do you accept this kind of repetitive slander and slagging from kairosfocus? I’m sure it hurts your blog. I suspect that many regulars here wish KF would grow up and stop the slander and I don’t doubt that many ID sympathetic people come here, read his posts, and never return. I’ve seen you discipline a few ID regulars for insults that pale in comparison to KF’s everyday output. Why do you allow him to get away with it?"


Dave, the mods don't do anything because they think exactly like kairosfocus. They don't care if less radical, ID sympathetic people or anyone else never return to UD after reading the outrageous swill there. They're only interested in keeping the extremely radical element of religious zealots. If you're not a raging religious lunatic, who hates science, Darwin, evolutionary theory, and reality, you're not needed or welcome on UD. Just look at the articles/posts by the people who run and moderate the site.

kairosfocus isn't the only one who chases people away, but he certainly contributes to it greatly. I can't think of any IDiot on UD who isn't a radical, sanctimonious jerk.