Saturday, June 11, 2011


Here's a post by an IDiot on uncommon descent:



4:59 pm

Well Mr Ruse, when you can produce evidence that Adam and Eve were fictitious and that the genealogy given in the Gospels from Jesus to them was allegedly all made up, then get back to me. ;-)

Incidentally, Ruse believes humanity is not superior to any other living organism…so I wonder if Hallmark makes a card that reads:

“Happy Father’s Day Dad, you’re no better than a maggot or a bacterium”??


Well, blue_savannah_the_inferior_dolt, I'm glad to break this to you:

Humans, and especially IDiots like you, are either no "better" or are inferior to other organisms. You religious zealots believe that humans, and especially you bible-thumpers, are superior to everything in the universe. You believe that you were specially created in the image of your god.

If you're so much like your god, then your god must shit and piss, catch colds, flu, and any other diseases, have warts, moles, canker sores, ulcers, hernias, runny nose, snore, burp, fart, sweat, drool, eat boogers, fall off his or her bike, have menstrual periods, cramps, PMS, headaches, heartburn, diarrhea, bad breath, scrapes, bruises, cuts, and broken bones, hunger, greed, intolerance, anger, selfishness, jealousy, cruelty, violent and murderous tendencies, indifference, ear aches, tonsillitis, cancer, HIV and AIDS, Alzheimer's, senility, aging, glaucoma, cataracts, crooked teeth, balding, crotch itch, athlete's foot, toenail fungus, feminine odor, hairy ass cheeks, dingleberries, earwax, allergies, fat, obesity, cellulite, all the syndromes and disorders, mental illness and retardation, a bad back, weak knees, ingrown toenails, ingrown hairs, arthritis, incontinence, impotence, flat feet, fallen arches, wrinkles, age spots, Rosacea, blindness, hearing loss and deafness, dishonesty, corruption, wars, wanton destruction of the environment, reckless carelessness, depression, suicide, infidelity, illiteracy, superiority complexes, insanity, death, and ALL the other "superior" stuff that makes us humans so "superior" to everything else.

You're a sanctimonious, insignificant nothing with delusions of god-hood. A typical xtian IDiot. A maggot or a bacterium are vastly superior to you.