Sunday, June 12, 2011

You should know you're an IDiot when... expect from others that which you aren't willing to provide. o'leary has a new article on UD that's titled:

"You know Big Media are tanking when their readers must do their investigative journalism"

Let's see how that looks with a few changes:

You know ID proponents are tanking when their challengers must do their investigative experiments, defining, and calculations for them.

On countless threads on UD and other sites, challengers to ID have asked IDiots to define and calculate their CSI, specified complexity, EF, irreducible complexity, specified patterns, etc., etc., etc., claims and to show their experiments and results. No ID proponent has ever done any defining or calculations in a manner that makes any sense whatsoever and they never show any experiments on those claims or the results. joe g likes to say that it's science's job to figure things out, and the rest of the IDiots always, and I do mean always, expect science, and ID challengers, to investigate, calculate, define, and prove the claims of ID-ists.

IDiots use every excuse, ruse, ploy, trick, and diversion to weasel out of investigating, calculating, illustrating, defining, explaining, or proving their own claims. Their entire argument is based on 'I hate Darwin, and god-did-it.' That's ALL they have.