Tuesday, June 28, 2011

So much tard, so little time (part two)

My responses are in bold type.

kairosfocus says:

"Scientific inferences and explanations are not even subjects of mathematical proof"

Then why do you and other IDiots constantly use math (shitty math that is) to support your ID claims that are allegedly scientific?

"Similarly, many aspects of the process of evaluation are not subject to such automation by a machine, hard or soft ware."

Then why do you and other IDiots constantly refer to machines, hardware, and software in support of your ID claims?

"In short they are intrinsically non-algorithmic. (That is where the idea that once you can precisely describe a process it can be automated fails. There are many, many processes that cannot be reliably so reduced. That is why there is a premise that insightful, deeply intuitive judgement is one of the key distinctives of professional grade jobs.)"

Then why do you and other IDiots regularly refer to algorithms to support your ID claims?

Whose insightful, deeply intuitive judgment is valid gordo, yours?

You're a sanctimonious bunghole.

"Theories [and more broadly explanatory models], precisely are based on abductive inferences to best explanation"

Yeah gordy, and your insane beliefs are NOT the best explanation.