Friday, July 1, 2011

Bluffing and blustering


"PS: I have alerted first level responders, and hope that onward MF et al will begin to realise what sort of bully-boy wolf-pack factions they are harbouring; and will police themselves. If I see signs of anything more serious than what has already gone on, or any further manifestations, I think that this will become first a web abuse then a police matter, perhaps an international police matter. (I suspect the cyber-bullies involved do not realise how stringent the applicable jurisdictions are. But already, such fascistic thought-police bully-boys have underscored the relevance of the observation that evolutionary materialism is amoral/nihilistic and the effective “morality” therefore comes down to you are “free” to do whatever you think you can get away with; we see here the way that the IS-OUGHT gap inherent in such atheism benumbs the conscience and blinds the mind to just how wrongful and destructive one’s behaviour is, after all you imagine yourself to be of the superior elites who by right of tooth and claw can do anything they can get away with. That’s just what led to the social darwinist and atheistical holocausts of the past century, and silence in the face of such first signs is enabling behaviour, so do not imagine that being genteel is enough when blatant evil is afoot.)"

From here:


"first level responders"?

"international police matter"?

"how stringent the applicable jurisdictions are"?


What a huffing and puffing, superior-elite-wannabe gordork is! Imagine his phone call to the police: Send a SWAT Team, the FBI, Scotland Yard, the CIA, the KGB, the Chinese Secret Police, Mossad, InterPol, the Jamaican Constabulary Force, and the Keystone Cops over right away! Send Barney Fife and Gomer too!! Someone is picking on me on the internet! WAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!

gordung 'OUGHT' to shut his gaping mouth.