Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A challenge to kairosfocus

I know you read my site so I'm issuing a challenge to you here. I challenge you to come here and defend your assertions about CSI, or FSCI, or dFSCI, or dFSCO/I or whatever you're calling it this week. Surely someone with your self-proclaimed knowledge of science and nature will have no fear of facing me and defending your claims? If you don't chicken out and you actually do show up, I'll start the debate with a question.

I'm also submitting a copy of this post in a comment on your blog.

I await your response.


Wednesday 12:25 am

What, no response yet? I'm shocked! :)


Thursday 1:27 am

Still no response? I'm shocked! Shocked I tell you! :)


Friday 4:27 am

STILL no response. I'm aghast. :)


Saturday 6:45 am

STILL no response, and of course he blocked the copy of this post that I submitted as a comment at his blog, and he will block the one that I just submitted, just as he blocks all of the comments I have submitted there. And to think that HE has the audacity to complain about censorship and being "Expelled". I'm not blocking him, but he is blocking me.