Thursday, January 12, 2012

Check out these threads

Hey gordo, why don't you have the guts to come here and face me when you have a complaint about me?  Why do you instead go to UD and your site and have your usual hissy fit with "Comments off" or comments blocked?

I've tried to confront you at your sites, and on other sites where you post comments, but you always run away or block my comments like the chickenshit coward you are. Where's all that big brave bydand crap you like to spew, you gutless, lying, spineless, yellow-bellied, wussy, sniveling coward?

Come on, shit for brains and mush for a backbone, show me what a big brave man you say you are. You talk real tough while you hide in your sites or in your favorite sanctuary at UD, but you're actually just a pansy-ass sissy who's afraid to face your opponents and the people you falsely accuse.

Ya know, gordon elliott mullings of Montserrat, it's a relief to know that you have no effect on science no matter how much barf you projectile vomit. No one with a clue will ever accept anything you say as being valid. You're a laughing stock now and always will be.