Saturday, January 21, 2012

Thoroughly enjoyable Smackdown

In this thread...

...gordon e. mullings (kairosfocus) is getting his worthless ass thoroughly kicked by eigenstate, Peter Griffin, woodford, and Elizabeth Liddle. Notice that cowardly gordo won't take on eigenstate's challenge to actually demonstrate his ridiculous claims, and also notice that gordo is resorting to his usual false accusations and dictatorial demands.

gordo is a child. A bratty, incorrigible, extremely immature, whiny, jealous, dictatorial, tantrum throwing, hateful, abusive, crybaby child, yet he spews false accusations of: "unhinged rage and no-broughtupcy spoiled brat misbehaviour that we routinely see from fans of Darwinism [up to and including professors!], and have to control for.."

gordo's hypocrisy, cowardice, dishonesty, and totally off the chart insanity, are truly astonishing. And to think that he claims to have the proper "grounded morals". Yep, his morals are grounded alright; grounded in his belief in and worship of an imaginary DESPICABLE, MONSTROUS god.

And did you notice this from gordo?:

"And yes, if some of my students were to carry on like that, something like the old fashioned washing out of a foul mouth or even the old six of the best with good Guyana cane, would have been under consideration at either of my [top flight] high schools. At minimum, in my classes, I would have some volunteers for clean-up duty. And, worse than this has happened.)"

"Worse than this", eh? Sounds like gordo is admitting to abusing/beating students in his classes (he has claimed to be a teacher). His own children have likely been beaten by him too, with "good Guyana cane" or worse. His kids must be some of the most oppressed and abused kids on Earth, and they will probably be just like him when they get older. What a shame.

I wouldn't be surprised if he kills them (or already has) since that's what gordo's chosen god commands be done to disobedient children, according to the bible that gordo believes is the inerrant word of his god that must be obeyed to the letter. All children are disobedient at times and I'm sure that gordo's are no exception. If his kids are still alive, intervention by the appropriate authorities and removal of his kids from his abusive tyranny is certainly warranted. They might still have a chance of a fruitful and happy life if they could get some competent counseling and are raised in a normal, loving, foster household instead of the concentration camp style prison life gordo must force on them.

One more thing for now, I am unable to get to the comments past number 17 in the above thread at UD, and I encounter the same problem with all the other threads there.