Sunday, January 15, 2012

vjtorley says...

"There is nothing wrong with the question: “What caused the beginning of the cosmos?”"

Here (


Sure, there's nothing wrong with asking that question, but there's a LOT wrong with claiming that you KNOW the answer, which is what you god zombies do.

There's also nothing wrong with asking the question:

What caused your chosen god?

After all, you said in your post linked to above, "a beginning of existence is an event which cannot explain itself, because a thing cannot be prior to itself – either logically, ontologically or chronologically."

Yeah, I know, you're going to claim that your chosen god is eternal and had no beginning. Well guess what vince? Anyone could claim that the "cosmos" is eternal and had no beginning but you wouldn't like that, would you? You (and your fellow godbots) would expect them to prove it with a ton of detailed, irrefutable, scientific evidence, wouldn't you? You'd say that unless they do that, their assertion is baseless and ignorant.

Hey, I know, you can bring up the insane ramblings of your hero, the genocide supporting william lane craig, or the oh so retarded lunatic and master of link spamming bornagain77, to try to support your bald assertions about "Creation". Yeah, that's the ticket.