Saturday, January 21, 2012

gordo's murderous friends
January 19, 2012 at 1:20 pm

In addition, think hard about what it is to be caught up in a time and tide beyond your ability to anticipate, and what it is like to find yourself caught up in the gears of a brutal totalitarian machine that would kill you in a heartbeat. Then, understand what it is like to be a researcher with a vision who set out to gain support of the most respected institution in the country — the army — and won it, then succeeded at first level, then found himself enmeshed in the clutches of the SS. I get the strong impression that much of the above simply does not understand what it is like to be caught up in an evil day like that. I guess living through an ideologically driven civil war makes a difference in outlook, though I freely admit it has poisoned my view of politicians, all but a very few of them. In addition, I get e distinct impression that much of the above simply does not understand moral-spiritual transformation. I guess having friends who are former murderers transformed by grace helps.

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I read that post by gordo the other day but I took another look at it after Troy reminded me of it (thanks Troy). A look at the thread it's from will show you that gordo is vigorously defending werner von braun, the nazi rocket specialist.

When I first read gordo's post I thought he was referring to von braun in the part about "living through an ideologically driven civil war" and "having friends who are former murderers", but after a second look I realize that gordo is talking about himself.

So, gordo hangs out with murderers, and it's just peachy keen because they have allegedly been "transformed by grace". I'm not too surprised that gordo would have murderous friends, since he zealously worships and promotes an imaginary murderous god. It also isn't surprising that gordo has friends who have committed what is considered by decent people to be the most amoral, heinous act that anyone could ever commit. After all, even though gordo constantly goes on and on and on about morals (and their 'grounding') and maliciously accuses all "evolutionary materialists", atheists, "Darwinists", and others of being "amoral", HE is the one who is grossly amoral. He hypocritically PROJECTS his own despicable amorality onto whatever convenient target he can conjure up, to demonize anyone who doesn't worship him, and to divert attention away from his own monstrous thoughts, behavior, agenda, and associations.

And when it comes to the so-called "civil war", gordo is stretching reality (as usual) to make it look as though he is some kind of war hero who bravely fought, and still fights, on the front lines in an actual "war". On many occasions he has spoken as though he has repeatedly and fearlessly faced the massive enemy war machine (LOL) of the 'evil Marxist regime' of his homeland Jamaica, while yelling Bydand! Bydand! Bydand! as he single-handedly slew, and slays, the evil oppressors with his mighty, magic sword of purity and justice.

In reality, he writes dictatorial letters to the editors of newspapers and to the heads of TV networks, bitches over and over and over about a multitude of innocuous things, including a statue of a nude in a city park, and he endlessly whines, exaggerates, brags, makes shit up, falsely accuses, proselytizes, LIES, and bosses people around on a few websites, all from the safety of his spittle stained armchair in Montserrat.

Hey gordo, have you had thoughts of having your murderous friends take me out? Have you discussed it with them? Have you used intelligent design methodology (LOL) to come up with a foolproof plan for my demise? I'm really worried. NOT.