Monday, January 30, 2012

massive facepalm

gordo not only LIES at UD and his blog, but on Yahoo Groups too. I did NOT threaten him or his family "Mafioso style" or in any other way. And, even after I pointed out that the people (her family members) who viciously attacked that young woman are THOROUGHLY RELIGIOUS, gordo STILL goes on and on with laying the blame for the attack, and her lack of "rights", on evolutionary materialism and atheism. Neither evolutionary materialism nor atheism are to blame in any way whatsoever. Extreme RELIGIOUS beliefs and practices are.

Notice that in all those words he spewed he never actually dealt with my very valid points. He just went on his usual twisted rampage against evolutionary materialists and atheists.

Hey gordo, do you want to see what you call blasphemy? How about this:

Fuck you and your imaginary, god damned, worthless, monstrous, genocidal, petty, insane, evil, scum sucking god.