Monday, January 16, 2012

kairosfocus admits that...

...the "Intelligent Designer" is "God":

"The gaps in Secularist thinking

First, Dawkins' indulgence in "village atheism"-style rhetoric unintentionally brings into focus several underlying gaps in secularist thinking: Evolutionary materialism attempts to assert that we know beyond reasonable doubt that we got here through random and deterministic natural processes without recourse to a Creator/ Intelligent Designer, a.k.a. God."


Also see these: (kairosfocus' user name is "Dictionary" there)

There's a LOT more of gordo's religious insanity and agenda if you follow the links on those pages.

Hey gordo, do you still want to say "...the design of life itself, standing by itself, is sufficiently [note the logical subtlety] accounted for on say a molecular nanotechnology lab some generations beyond Craig Venter’s recent efforts." which you have said on many occasions when you're asked who the "Intelligent Designer" is? Do you still want to WILLFULLY LIE about who YOU believe the "Intelligent Designer" is?

See this:

At UD, gordon elliott mullings of Montserrat tries to sound all sciency (although his extreme religious beliefs often spill into his ramblings) but when he posts elsewhere, his posts are overflowing with his religious insanity.

gordo is an unscrupulous, two-faced, conniving, blame shifting, projecting, deranged, maniacal, LYING butt chunk.