Saturday, January 21, 2012

gordo's LIES never stop

January 20, 2012 at 2:10 pm

NOTICE: In addition, PG has chosen to misrepresent the design inference. This is a disciplinary warning, as his behaviour is verging on being trollish. If he is serious, he should now take time to say work through the introductory summary here. The FAQs in the resources tab top of this and every UD page will also be helpful. If PG does not fix tone and substance, disciplinary steps will be taken, escalating from the level already taken. KF
January 21, 2012 at 1:24 am

Seriously? Disciplinary action? Really? LOL. What you going to do? Six lashes? KF, this is just a blog, and an entertaining one at that. Nobody is really taking much notice of this blog, let alone seriously. Don’t be such a pompous twit.
January 21, 2012 at 4:43 am

W: You evidently do not realise how rapidly uncivil activity derails serious discussion. I will only mention, the habitual resort of darwinist objectors to name-calling, outing tactics, slander and worse. In my case, my family have been threatened. That is serious enough to verge on criminal conduct, I am afraid. And, despite your dismissal the blog is known to be quite serious, and obviously is taken to be sufficiently serious that it is being treated as a threat; thank you. KF

From here:


So, Peter Griffin challenges ID, and gordo-der-tyrannical-fuhrer flips out and threatens Griffin with "disciplinary steps". Then, when woodford says what needed to be said to gordo, gordo goes on a LYING spree and makes up more false accusations and other ridiculous bullshit. And can someone show me where Peter Griffin or anyone else threatened gordo on "the blog" UD?

When he says his family was threatened he is of course referring to me, but the truth is that I NEVER threatened him or his family, and HE KNOWS IT.

Criminal conduct? Slander? Outing tactics? Threats? Hey gordon elliott mullings of Montserrat, formerly of Jamaica, let's see you DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT if you think you can, and have the evidence. Come on, BIG MOUTH LIAR, sue me, or get the Jamaican constabulary force (LOL) or Interpol or Scotland Yard or The FBI to arrest and charge me. And let's see the "Mafioso style threats" that I allegedly made to you and your family. Go ahead, show them! Oh wait, you can't, because there were NO threats!

You're a fucking lowlife LIAR and a completely unscrupulous phony and a cowardly crybaby from top to bottom and inside and out. A rancid dingleberry stuck on a rotting corpse's ass sphincter is a MUCH higher life form than you are.

I'm going to be posting some real interesting things about you in the next few days gordo. Watch this site for more of the TRUTH about you.